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Vacation Rentals Lake Winnipesaukee Area

Lake Winnipesaukee Area

Lake Winnipesaukee - The Largest Lake in New Hampshire and an Age-Old Escape

Vacation Homes Lake Winnipesaukee Area Vacation Rentals A century-old tourist destination for those escaping from the summer heat of New York and Boston, Lake Winnipesaukee has accommodated many seeking tranquility, peace and fun on its nine-mile wide surface. The lake is almost dead center in the middle of New Hampshire and has over 230 natural islands. Lake Winnipesaukee houses a deep history dating to the 18th century, too. Taking a train ride around the lake or the famous lake cruise are the best ways to see the lake in its entirety, but it will mainly be the scenery you will see as the stops are limited. Uncovering all the history of the area is a month-long endeavor if you are committed to seeking it everyday, there is so much of it! That's why so many choose to come back to the lake year after year.       

While you are staying on the lake there are many things to do, like visiting the “Castle in the Clouds” a mansion built on the lake's shore by the industrialist Thomas Plant in the early 20th century. The mansion named “Lucknow” sits on 6,300 acres of rolling greens, woodlands and wide, open pastures. When Thomas Plant designed the extravagant estate he also drafted the landscape. To this day miles on miles of trails run throughout the 6,300 acres of land as well as miles of maze-like private roads. Now the gardens, stables and the castle itself are kept up by full-time staff. You can tour the palace and see the room where Theodore Roosevelt once spent the night. You can also view the magnificent rooms or share in the same panoramic views the mansion's past guests have enjoyed. Visiting the “Castle in the Clouds” is one trip that will make you glad you brought your camera.       

The first class M/S Mount Washington was the first ship to cruise the lake in 1872, and was just over 230 feet long. To take the full round-trip cruise you will need to free up your schedule for 21 hours as the cruise brings you all around the lake and stops at some interesting locations. As you cruise the waters on the Washington, you will learn the history of the lake as well as the history of the ship itself and some of the various areas you will dock in. It's a very exciting and relaxing tour, and you will be able to see the lake from a unique perspective. There is the opportunity to see it from land with a similar perspective on the scenic train ride around the lake. The train ride is always comfortable and even has an ice cream car so you can have a nice cool vanilla or chocolate ice cream cone during your tour. The ride around the lake presents you with some great photo opportunities of the lake's islands and cities. A camera is a necessity on both of these tours, so don't forget to pack one!      

Being the largest lake in New Hampshire and an age-old escape, there are many activities to keep you busy, including hiking, biking, touring, learning, rafting, boating, fishing, jet skiing, cookouts, skydiving, hot air balloon rides and so much more. Signature dining can be an activity in itself. There is really just too much to do on Lake Winnipesaukee, that you can literally stay busy for years just taking your time exploring and dining. It's somewhere you do not want to forget when planning your next vacation.      

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