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Vacation Rentals Lake Burton

Lake Burton

A Wonderful Lakeside Vacation

Vacation Homes Lake Burton Vacation RentalsWith surface over 2,700 acres, Lakes Burton is the largest lake in North Georgia. It boasts stunning nature and magnificent landscapes, which make it the perfect destination for a peaceful North Georgia vacation.

Enjoy miles of magnificent nature to explore during your vacation at Lake Burton. The fantastic Appalachian Mountain trails offer scenic views and great hikes. Fishing is one of the most popular recreations at the lake. Whether you prefer fishing from the pier, the lake shore or a boat, Lake Burton promises you fantastic experience. The lake is also a very popular site for all sorts of amazing water recreations, including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, jet and water skiing and boating. The pristine beaches at Lake Burton are just perfect for sunbathing, playing and other beach recreations.

The rentals at Lake Burton vary from cozy cabins to spacious houses, to ensure you find the most suitable place to stay. All rentals provide equipped kitchens, allowing you to prepare your own home cooked meals or delicious pies and sandwiches for the joyous family picnics.

The charming community of Lake Burton will embrace you as a member and will welcome you to stay. Once you've tried the fantastic experience of the vacations at Lake Burton, you will probably come back to this magnificent place. With fantastic nature, waiting to be explored and tranquil lake, inviting water sport lovers, this place offers everything for a magical vacation.

If you prefer to combine your peaceful Lake Burton retreat with a big city trip, Atlanta is not far from Lake Burton. There you can enjoy theatrical performances, movies, museum tours and more. Take a trip to the Atlanta Zoo and see a large variety of different species of animals, or visit the city aquarium for beautiful and exotic fish. You can also get tickets for the fantastic performances of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. And after a long exciting day at the big city, what a better place to go relax, than the peaceful Lake Burton!
The lake is named after Jeremiah Burton, one of the most popular residents in the area, who served a number of civic positions, including in the area's superior court. Today Lake Burton is one of the most popular destinations for families who seek a wonderful lakeside vacation. With 62 miles of shoreline, Lake Burton is a magnificent place to spend your holidays.

There are several great events at the lake that should be witnessed. The 4th of July Fireworks are a spectacular annual tradition, started by one of Lake Burton's residents - Hal Rhoad. The most unique experience is to watch the stunning fireworks from a boat in the lake and enjoy the fantastic illuminations and their reflections in the peaceful waters of the lake.

Visit the amazing Lake Burton for the most wonderful vacation! Whether you prefer water recreations, or nature walks, or even big city experience with many cultural events and different cuisines, you will find everything you need at Lake Burton and its surrounding areas.

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