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Kirkwood, California - One of the Best Year-round Resorts in USA

Vacation Home Rentals Kirkwood RentalThe combination of summer and winter activities always plays a vital role in choosing which place is next for some recreational activities. When a resort has one of the highest average snowfalls and is close to a National Forest abundant of lakes, rivers and hill, there's nothing more predictable then asking “Where is it?”. Is you still don't know this article will provide your curiosity with some helpful information.

Mostly known as an year-round resort for skiing and hiking, the small community of Kirkwood is located on the border diving two counties (Amador and Alpine) in the state of California. It has a population of nearly 160 people and is located in the Eldorado National Forest. It is named after a settler who opened an inn in 1863, which was sold about a century later to an investment group which turned it into a modern mountain resort called the Kirkwood Mountain Resort. The resort has one of the top average snowfalls in the country which makes it a favorite destination among skiers, located south of South Lake Tahoe. Summer activities within the resort include hiking and mountain biking with trails available for both, as among the other amenities you will find a pool, golf course and a spa. As fires in the last years burnt part of the power engine, the Kirkwood Mountain Resort plant to deploy a new power grid and lines so electricity costs could be reduced. The resort offers a variety of terrain and its excellent facilities led to the ranking of Kirkwood among the top 10 country ski resorts by Ski Magazine in 2009.

The Mountain Club Hotel condominiums offer plenty amenities including kitchens, hot tubes and saunas as their size vary from two queen rooms to loft suites depending on your request. Private condos with fireplace located close to the lifts are among the top choices for the tourists. An alternative place to stay is the Kirkwood's Hostel, located close to Timber Creek base area and chair number 7.  Units can accommodate maximum 3 people as common rooms feature sport games and TV room. The Timber Creek Base Area is the ideal location for family fun, as well as the canopy tour at Zip Tahoe. The Adventure Zone for Kids is specialized in entertaining the toddlers.
As mentioned above the Kirkwood Mountain Resort is located within the territory of the Eldorado National Forest, which is visited by more than 2 million people annually. The Eldorado National Forest covers about 787,000 acres and has an elevation between 1,000 and 10,000 feet.It offers endless possibilities for recreation including 80 campgrounds, lakes (about 300  lakes and reservoirs), rivers, trails (about 350 miles), and wildlife. Established in 1910 the forests boasts pristine wilderness areas like the 63,960 acres of Desolation Wilderness and the Mokelumne Wilderness covering 105,165 acres. The forest also hosts one of the best 4x4 routes in the country called The Rubicon Off-Highway Vehicle Trail.

In February 2012 it was announced that Vail Resorts will purchase the Kirkwood Mountain Resort, so expect further improvements that will turn this resort to even higher level (if that's possible). What is guaranteed already is that tourists will continue to flock in Kirkwood as it has a reputation of one of the best ski resorts in the United States. Being just 2-3 hours away from San Francisco it's not hard to foresee a prosperous future even if it changes its owners. Besides that Vail Resorts have already made improvements to two Tahoe resorts which they acquired.

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