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Vacation Rentals Gleneden Beach

Gleneden Beach

Gleneden Beach - A Great Way to Explore the Oregon Coast

Vacation Home Rentals Gleneden Beach RentalThe small coastal community of Gleneden Beach sits exactlyon the Oregon coast between Lincoln City splitting the rest of the area with Depoe Bay in the United States. Gleneden Beach has all the lodging, dining, entertainment and recreational opportunities needed for a good vacation. The community is located near theSalishan Lodge, as well as itsGolf Course, which is a popular 18-hole course golf resort. Gleneden Beach's commercial property is almost entirely situated within the borders of Salishan Lodge and Golf Course. There is a mall, gift stores, restaurants, a full-service spa and more facilities in the resort. Overlooking the Siletz Bay, Salishan Spa and Golf Resort offers 205 comfy guest rooms and a spectrum of recreational activities, attractions, events, sports, shopping, and more. The Salishan's spa boasts wet and dry saunas, rain showers, and whirlpools.  The Prime Steakhouse provides a great view of the Siletz Bay and the Salishan Spit, fresh seafood and local dishes featuring locally grown produce. Salishan also has one of the largest wine cellars in Oregon.
The whole area boasts great views of the blue Pacific waters. North of Gleneden you can visit D River Recreation Site and check out some of its attractions or visit one of the annual kite festivals. The windy nature of Central Coasts is ideal for kiting, which is a popular activity. You can also view seals and other wildlife, or simply enjoy the picnic area. South of Gleneden there are camping and full-service RV sites.

The Beverly Beach State Park stretches from Yaquina Head to the headlands of Otter Rock and offers a forest-sheltered campground with a children's playground, a picnic area, and more. The South Beach State Park, located south of Gleneden, offers recreation and sport activities - one of the most popular is the kayak tours. Starting from Ona Beach, which is five miles south, one can explore the Beaver Creek area and the surroundings with a guide. Other activities include windsurfing, fishing, crabbing, boating, and beachcombing, while different attractions nearby like Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, are another good reason to choose Gleneden Beach as a vacation destination. The two state parks are summer locations.

There are a few vacation rentals with Pacific Ocean views and inns in Gleneden Beach, while the region provides a variety of cultural attractions, such as the glass studio of Alderhouse or Lawrence Gallery, which is the best place to see fine art in Oregon. The gallery features works by local artists and world-class exhibitions of works of Dali, Picasso, and Chagall.

The nearby city of Lincoln features live theatre, a cinema and a casino, but outdoor activities like surfing are quite popular too. You can see many surfers riding the waves or visiting for the annual Nelscott Reef Tow In Surf Competition. There are also opportunities for windsurfing and kitesurfing on the Ocean and Devil's Lake.

During the spring and the fall many people gather at the Oregon coast to watch gray whales, which migrate each year and make a 12,000-mile (19,311 km) trip between Alaska and the Gulf of California in Mexico.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium, Depoe Bay Aquarium, Downtown Depoe Bay and the North Lincoln County Historical Museum are sites worth visiting with vibrant marine life or opportunities to enjoy the local landscape and learn more about its history.

Gleneden Beach is situated in an area that is easily accessible to many recreational and entertainment options so opportunities range from surfing to watching live theater.

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