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Vacation Rentals Cherry Log

Cherry Log

For a Scenic North Georgia Retreat

Vacation Homes Cherry Log Vacation RentalsCherry Log is a quaint town in North Georgia, attracting many visitors each year with its fantastic nature and scenic views. With stunning vistas of the valley and the mountains surrounding it, this magnificent place is a popular Georgia retreat destination.

Indulge yourself with a fantastic vacation at Cherry Log. Enjoy the stunning beauty of nature in North Georgia while staying at this wonderful friendly town. Besides for spectacular vistas, this place also offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy mountain biking and hiking. Photography lovers will be astonished by the majestic beauty of the area that surrounds the friendly community of Cherry Log.

Bear Rock Ridge Bed and Breakfast has become one of the most popular places to stay in Chery Log. It features plenty of amenities for those who cannot part from their high-tech lifestyle. The B&B features an antique shop, a fitness center, wireless Internet and a hot tub. It also offers fantastic bird watching tours. There are plenty of great scenic and nature trails in the area that are perfect for exploring and provide spectacular mountain views. Bear Rock Ridge is also a popular place for weddings in the area, boasting a unique atmosphere that will make your special event unforgettable.

For those who like shopping, there are plenty of charming antique shops in the area with unique items, carefully selected by the local antique dealers. You can also find wonderful local restaurants for a delicious meal. If you would like to experience the local lifestyle, there is apple and berry picking available in some of the local farms. For those who would like to experience the local culture as well, there are theatre and concert performances in town, as well as a movie theater. For wine appreciators, in the Cherry Log area there is a vineyard and a winery that offer tours and wine tasting.

The area near the community of Cherry Log has several historic sites that can be explored. Besides for hiking and sightseeing, you can also enjoy horseback riding or visit some of the National and State Parks around Cherry Log and enjoy a wonderful picnic at some of the designated picnic areas. You will also find several wildlife preserves not far from the community. Hunting is a particularly popular sport in the area. Golfers can practice their skills at the picturesque golf course near Cherry Log. The proximity to a river and a lake offer plenty of water recreations, including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and other water sports. In winter, the area is also a great place for cross-country skiing.

Visit Cherry Log for a wonderful summer or winter retreat and enjoy the stunning nature that surrounds this magnificent place. Cherry Log will allure you with its amazing landscapes and vistas, beautiful bird species and lively wildlife.

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