The Best Vacation Cottages of Whitby

A Whitby holiday will not be a perfect one if you miss staying in any of its great holiday cottages. With the kind of accommodation the cottages can provide, your vacation will definitely be a memorable one. This is not to mention yet that cottage accommodations can be a lot cheaper than hotel accommodations.

So if you are off to Whitby, check out any of these top cottages to consider as your holiday accommodation:

·        Bell Island Cottages. This vacation home is composed of two luxurious houses that were built back in 1810. It is situated just a few minutes from the major attractions of Whitby.

·        Shoreline Holiday Cottages. All of the cottages here are designed in a contemporary inspiration. Elegance is what is making up these cottages.

·        Cricket Cottage. The view in this three-bedroom luxury cottage overlooks the Esk River. This opens way for you to explore the North Yorkshire moors national park.

·        Waddleduck Cottage. The location, which is just a mile and a half miles away from the railway station, of this cottage is perfect for viewing the Esk valley and also the railway viaduct. It offers three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and spacious living areas.

·        Thresher Self Catering Cottage. This is a very luxurious cottage that offers all the amenities in a five star hotel. It can accommodate up to six people. The kitchen and the garden are equipped with modern furniture pieces.

The natural beauty of Whitby is something to celebrate. So don't miss nature in your Whitby vacation. Be wise enough to stay in any of these cottages.

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