Vacation Rentals in All Shape, Size or Form

A hotel room is a hotel room is a hotel room. Not much can be said about it. If you've stayed in one, you can pretty much imagine it would be the same everywhere else. Not much can be done to distinguish one typical hotel room from another. A vacation rental on the other hand can be a cozy little mountain cabin for two, a rustic lakeside cottage, a spacious beach house, a minimalist condo unit in the city, a converted barn in a working farm, a ski chalet or a luxurious resort villa.
Holiday homes truly come in all shapes, sizes or forms. Often you find them where there are no hotels at all, so they cover a lot more destination possibilities for your holiday as well. They also offer more than what we typically expect from a single hotel room. A vacation home offers more space, amenities, privacy and flexibility. 
Space is a prime consideration for large families vacationing together. If they stay in a hotel room, it will be necessary for them to get several rooms to accommodate everyone. Sometimes they will have to settle for rooms on different floors. With a vacation home, everybody will be housed within hollering distance.
Holiday homes these days have amenities that truly rival posh hotels. The easiest example is the hotel swimming pool. Guests often have to go up or down several floors and walk the halls in their swim suits to get to the pool. Nothing of this sort happens in a holiday home with its own private swimming pool. Often next to the pool area, there will be a BBQ grill so the men in the family can do their thing. Adjacent to these will most probably be the private garden, so other members of the family can read or nap away from the noise of the kids by the pool. There will also be a full kitchen, to let you whip up simple dishes without spending extra on room service. A home theatre or a game room is also a common find in holiday rentals at no extra cost. Even internet access is charged extra in a hotel.
You and your family need not be concerned about bothering other guests or them bothering you. You will have the flexibility to invade the kitchen at midnight, or have your own small party without being concerned that hotel security will come knocking at your door. All things considered, people who prefer self-catering vacations would do very well to book a vacation rental that best fits their personal preferences.

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