Vacation Rental Choices for Hikers
The beauty of nature is incomparable and this is one reason why hiking and walking tours are popular the world over. The rain forest trails are one of life's greatest blessings and you too can experience this if you stay in a vacation rental where you can live comfortably for weeks or even months.
Take a look at some of the vacation rental choices that are available for budget travellers the world over, and see which ones will suit your taste.
Hiker's Rest Cottage
This cottage in Hawaii National Park is a favourite amongst hikers because of its affordability at a rate of $165 a night. Stay for six nights and you get the seventh night free. However, you need to pay the full amount upon reservation. This is a romantic destination in Hawaii's Big Island and is ideal for adventurous honeymooners too. The house is located in a raised lot so you get to see the fern forest all around you through the many windows. It may be secluded, but you can get your supplies from the nearby Volcano Village.
Hikers Cabin
This Chalet in Jefferson, New Hampshire will give you a great view of the mountains every day. This is a two-bedroom house that can sleep up to eight persons so it is great vacation rental for families. You will be smitten by the handcrafted furnishings in the cabin, as they are all made of log. You will be surprise to find out that there is a nearby swimming pool, and you get a pass if you stay in this vacation home at a rate of $130-$110 per day or $780-$660 per week.
Going on a hiking tour can be very good not only for your traveller's itch, but also for your soul. For sure, you will enjoy staying in a vacation rental once you decide to take a hike. No pun intended.

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