How to Keep Kids Safe in the Vacation Rental

Families look for vacation rentals to have an accommodation during spring break. It is more cost-effective then checking in a hotel. Kids also enjoy their time in a vacation house because of more space they have to play and relax. But, how do you keep kids safe in your vacation villa? Here's how to childproof the vacation house:
•     Bedroom. Keep out cords of their reach. Tie the cords so kids do not play with them.
•     Kitchen. Put the pot's handle at the back when cooking so kids don't reach them. Use back burner, if possible.
•     Dining room. Remove hot foods and drinks from the table. Keep the knives away from kids.
•     Medicines and poisons. Keep them out of children's reach. Put them in locked cabinets.
•     Bathroom. Keep the floor dry. Supervise kids when they take a bath. Never leave and lock them in the bathroom no matter how busy you are.
•     Bring safe toys. Kid love to play, but no one loves to see them get hurt. Bring child-friendly and toxic-free toys on your vacation rental.
Above are tips that will make your kids safe in the vacation rental. Have them on mind for a stress-free and trouble-free vacation.

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