Holiday Vacation - Be One with Nature in a Log Cabin
Most people spend their holiday vacation on luxurious hotels, and resort villas. This is their way of escaping stress and pressure brought about by work among other things. True enough, you will feel relaxed and you will definitely get to enjoy the wonderful amenities to make the most out of an exciting urban vacation. However, there are also some who prefers to stay in a log cabin and be one with nature while on vacation.From the name itself, you will easily distinguish that a log cabin is a house built from logs. It is a simple type of log house, which is usually one-story only and is often less architecturally sophisticated. Most of these structures are built in the European region, as well as the continental US.There are quite a number of vacation destinations in the world that offer log cabins as a place where guests can stay during their trip. The country feel that only log cabins can deliver makes one think that he or she is home away from home. Nothing beats breathing clean fresh air while going through such activities that include trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking. Indeed, a log cabin is a perfect haven for the entire family who would like to go nature tripping while on vacation.

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