Jeju Island is truly beautiful. It is the jewel of Korea and it is unique. On a very small area are blended together all the striking landscapes of nature that always offer an unsurpassed experience during your romantic getaways, while two large and picturesque cities create the finest shapes of your romance. What about the romantic outdoor adventures? They are almost countless and they all offer plenty of irresistible settings to explore Jeju Island - the Hawaii of Korea. If you are still wondering why such a small island seems like Hawaii and it is a real romantic paradise - then look at what is next! And immerse yourself into the unique beauty of Jeju Island - the Hawaii of Korea!

Jeju Island, South KoreaJeju Island enjoys a scenic and remote location in East China Sea, but meanwhile this beautiful slice of a romantic paradise is located only a few kilometers distance from the south coast of South Korea. Therefore, this remote and isolated location makes the island one of the most serene and tranquil places for the finest romance of your dreams, while it is also easy accessible. From a daily romantic getaway from the noise and pressure of the big metropolitan areas, to even a whole holiday or honeymoon with your beloved - Jeju Island is always a tempting choice to enjoy an unforgettable experience. And this experience begins even during the arriving. There are numerous ferry rides that ensure a fast and easy connection with the mainland to the north and Japan to the east, while in Jeju City is situated the Jeju International Airport, which grants an easy access by air. No matter your choice - the vibrant blue waves of the sea or the breathtaking panoramic vistas from the air - your fabulous experience starts even during the way to the island. The most beautiful accent on the horizon is a tall volcano mountain, with which the skyline of the island seems like Hawaii. Well, as soon as you step on Jeju Island you will really be transported in this exotic paradise. The island has an oval shape, while its terrain features a mountainous and volcanic outlook with a gigantic central volcano. The elevation of this giant volcano is over 1,800 meters above sea level, which makes it truly remarkable from quite a great distance.

South KoreaOn the both sides of the island (northern and southern side) are situated two major cities - the capital Jeju City (on the northern side) and the city of Seogwipo, which stretches along the southern shore. Jeju City includes  a relatively larger urban area and there you can come across all your comforts for your romance. Seogwipo also has its irresistible advantages such as small and isolated suburbs with private houses, sea-front villas and other picturesque vacation homes. Indeed, almost the entire island is developed and inhabited, as well as dotted by a number of smaller communities and villages. So, you can easily find your own lovely place to stay and immerse yourself in this natural beauty, and, what a natural beauty? It comes to an abundant tropical biodiversity with striking landscapes, humid climate, rugged terrains and a gigantic volcano. Thats why this is an appealing place for your truly unforgettable romantic getaways and thats why Jeju Island is the Hawaii of Korea. The spectacular nature creates a truly romantic paradise for your getaways on the island. There are so many ways to explore and enjoy its natural beauty that they are almost countless. In all cases - make sure to enjoy a romantic picnic along the shores of a river. Fortunately, Jeju Island is crossed by a wide variety of rivers and streams, which create an unsurpassed "blue" accent to the yet green atmosphere. The air temperature in the mid-summer (July-August) can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius, while the shores of the rivers are a bit cooler and quite more invigorating.

Romantic Getaways, Jeju IslandThe rain is also one of the most quintessential natural beauties, especially if you hike along rivers, whose shores are embraced by lush tropical vegetation and the giant green crowns of the tallest trees create a unique natural shelter. The island features a couple of natural wonders that you are definitely dont want to miss. Just west from Downtown Seogwipo and less than a kilometer distance from the south shoreline of the island is situated the iconic Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. There, the crystal blue waters of a river drop to over 20 meters with an extremely captivating crashing sound with gorgeous white colours. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is an unsurpassed romantic place, while the majestic rocks are embraced by lush green plantation and tall trees, whose combinations provide another inspiring accent to the yet stunning backdrop. Moreover, Jeju Island features another natural phenomenon, which is quite a noisy romantic paradise. It comes to the dramatic rocky coasts of the island, which are always an endless source of an inspiration and romantic captivation. The coasts of the island are bordered by some of the largest pillar rock formations in Korea, while these rugged cliffs will seduce you to get as closer as possible to the sound of the crashing waves of the sea. Then, when you are high atop a remote coastal rock with your beloved and you listen to the sound of the waves, and there is nobody around - the experience will be truly unforgettable. You may think that you have found your own heavenly seclusion, especially at sunset, when everything is bathed in the golden glow of the suns rays.

South Korea, Romantic GetawaysAnd this awesome experience can be enjoyed just along the shores of Jeju Island. The inner section of the island also offers an enormous variety of striking landscapes of nature and numerous romantic activities. For example, the best way to explore the island is via hiking trips. These trips will be changed into a truly romantic experience in a heaven, because of the exotic scenery, which is everywhere. During a hiking trip with your loved one you can just stop for a while and watch the birds, the flowers, the giant green crowns of the trees, the formless white clouds... The picturesque trails seem more likely beautiful showcases of the unique biodiversity on the island, while all the striking vistas are dominated by only one thing - the nearly 1,800 meters tall central volcano. It delivers truly tempting settings for ascending and trekking, while if you choose these options - you can enjoy a bunch of fantastic challenges and adventures. However, the panoramic vistas from atop the crater of the volcano are definitely worth the challenges. Well, if you need more "lava" experience - then consider a visit to one of the greatest lava tubes in the world. This is Manjang Cave, which is situated nearby Jeju City and where you will be a witness of something spectacular. The urban atmosphere on Jeju Island is also spectacular. The two major cities on the both shores of the island are dotted by a wide variety of romantic eateries, exquisite shops and gorgeous accommodations.

Vacation Homes, Southeastern AsiaThese large and picturesque cities create the finest shapes of your romance, while the unique exotic urban atmosphere will always make you think of Hawaii. Actually, the entire Jeju Island is dotted by a number of other suburbs and smaller communities, whose scenic and calm streets are simply best for strolling around. If golf is your own lovely pastime - the island is also dotted by plenty of fine golf courses, which provide a wealth of amusements and priceless moments. Just think of the pleasant greens, which are bordered by refreshing blue colours of numerous crystal ponds. The golf courses on Jeju Island are truly picturesque. You will maybe need to take a few pictures and so you will need a solid memory card. The unique combination of the multi-coloured landscapes, the infinite blue horizon, the gigantic volcano mountain and the scenic coastal cities, is a truly captivating sensation for your eyes and mind. Not to mention that such a scenery delivers unmatched settings to take a bunch of romantic photos with your beloved. Taking photos on Jeju Island is definitely an amazing opportunity to memorialize the special moments from your romantic getaways, while the most appealing spots are countless. The panoramic vistas of the sea from the coastal cliffs, the sparkling waters of Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, the numerous historical landmarks in the capital or just everything from atop the volcano crater, are mind-blowing sights. Even only the sunset over the volcano is quite unique, but it is yet similar to the sunset over the volcanoes on Hawaii.

              Jeju Island is a real paradise of nature. It boasts an enormous variety of striking landscapes and they all seem like huge volcano mountains, lush tropical forests with an abundant biodiversity, gorgeous rocky shores and scenic modern cities. Such a unique combination is also a permanent part of the scenery of Hawaii, while these features above are just a few examples. Thats why you may think that you are in Hawaii during your romantic getaways. And thats why an irresistibly tempting choice for your truly special romantic getaways is Jeju Island - the Hawaii of Korea.

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