Top 10 Attractions To Visit In Ankara
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          The capital city of Turkey, Ankara, is a tempting choice to enjoy an unforgettable holiday or even a whole vacation with your family or beloved, for example. Actually, just a short impromptu trip to Ankara will be fulfilled by numerous precious moments and emotions, thanks to the impressive historical background of the second-largest city in Turkey. The awesome charm of the East is gorgeously complemented by a wide variety of historical and cultural landmarks, especially within the Old Town of Ankara. In the meantime, you can come across all the contemporary and sophisticated amenities that you can imagine. This is it Ankara - a place for imagination and inspiration. What about the Top 10 attractions to visit in Ankara? They follow.

1. Ataturk Mausoleum

Ankara, Ataturk MausoleumImagine a huge memorial, which is situated nearby the city center of Ankara and it rises to 17 meters in high over a number of steps. This memorial has a beautiful rectangular shape, which features numerous symmetrical arcades. These impressive columns magically embrace a mosaic courtyard, while the whole composition features a unique architectural style. Marble and travertine are the main materials, while the whole construction was built in 1953 in honor of Ataturk, the founder of Turkey. Plus, this memorial is a centerpiece of a large and scenic park, named Piece Park, where you can come across numerous tranquil corners and green areas, as well as statues and towers. The vistas of the symmetrical memorial will tempt you take a photo after a photo, because this is the famous Ataturk Mausoleum.

2. Temple of Augustus

Ankara, Temple of AugustusImagine an ancient Roman temple, which was built in around 20 BC. Then, the Roman Empire captured the Galatia Province, while the colours, the shapes and the size of the temple were main symbols of the area. Nowadays, some thousands of years in the future, you can come across only a few remaining ruins of that bygone era. Fortunately, they are well-preserved and they provide tempting opportunities to enjoy the wonderful ancient construction and architecture of the temple. This is the Temple of Augustus and it is located in the heart of Old Ankara – the district of Ulus.

3. Roman Baths

Ankara, Roman BathsImagine a large area of the remains of an ancient Roman complex. It was founded in the 3th century in central Ankara as a main bath edifice, while during the next centuries the whole site was buried. Until it was discovered in 20th century after massive excavations. Nowadays, the ancient remains of this Roman landmark stand majestically over a flat hill, nearby the Old Town of Ulus. You can clearly distinguish a series of rooms, such as the hot and warm rooms. Then, the corridors within the excavation site provide tempting options to enjoy an all-day journey back in the Roman Empire. These are the remains of the Roman Baths.

4. Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Ankara, Anatolian Civilizations MuseumImagine a place, where you can come across hundreds of remains and showcases of artifacts from ancient Anatolia. This place is actually a whole museum, which is a real paradise for all the archeologists and historical enthusiasts, who want to discover the vision and culture of the ancient civilizations from these lands. Among the exhibits and displays you can enjoy numerous artifacts from the Palaeolithic Age, such as stone tools and objects. Bas-reliefs, bronze figures, statuettes, necklaces, bracelets and other ancient jewels are other sights that you can't miss. Most of the displays cover the Hittite Period, but you can also learn much more about the Neolithic or the Bronze Age, for example. This museum is definitely an appealing place to include in your trip to Ankara, because this is the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

5. Ankara Citadel

Ankara, Ankara CitadelImagine a relaxing walk within the most ancient remains of the Roman Empire in central Ankara. Then, in front of you stretch the immense walls of arguably the most significant archaeological site in the district of Ulus. And the whole this experience can be enjoyed just north of the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, where your walk will be complemented by the green and tranquil ambience of a large park. The remains of this huge historical landmark originate back to the period of the Galatian civilizations, while the Romans, the Byzantines and the Seljuqs continued the development of the site through the centuries. Nowadays, this landmark is one of the most renowned historical landmarks in the heart of Ankara and its name is Ankara Citadel.

6. Guven Park

Ankara, Guven ParkImagine the noise and pressure of the bustling streets in central Ankara, where dozens of cars, buses and other vehicles cross the main routes with every single minute. The dynamic atmosphere can be even felt in the silhouettes of the coming and going people, which always hurry for somewhere. Then, imagine a calm and serene place, which is situated right in the middle of this vibrant and multi-coloured atmosphere, where the only dynamic objects are the countless pigeons and leaves of the trees. A small, but picturesque park, where you can come across the finest shapes of a relaxing or romantic walk right in the city center. Also, this is an iconic historical park, because you will be a witness to some of the most famous and well-distinctive monuments in Ankara. This is the picturesque Guven Park.

7. Kocatepe

Ankara, KocatepeImagine a short walk trip within a few streets distance east from Guven Park and suddenly in front of you rises the largest mosque in Ankara. Four thin, but tall minarets stretch to nearly 90 meters above ground, while the highest dome of the mosque features an elevation of nearly 50 meters above ground. This means that you can witness the impressive size of the mosque basically from everywhere in the city center. The white-gray construction from the end of 20th century is a truly picturesque contrast of the numerous surrounding buildings with red roofs and a couple of stories. The contemporary Islamic architectural style of this giant worship temple is just gorgeous, while its name is Kocatepe Mosque and it is definitely one of the most appealing attractions to visit in central Ankara.

8. Ankara Express - The Turkish Railways

Ankara, Ankara Express - The Turkish Railways8.    Ankara Express Imagine a railway station with numerous lines and even more trains, which are the best way to travel within Turkey. Among them you can find the inter-city Istanbul-Ankara high speed rail line, which is one of the main and most bustling lines to get around the western portion of the country. Therefore, Ankara Central Station is one of the major transportation hubs in Turkey, while its building itself is a beautiful sight to witness. The unique Art Deco design features dark colours with a number of tall columns and large windows, which combination is captivating. The Ankara Central Station takes the first place of the busiest railway stations in Turkey and it is a symbol of the Ankara Express – the Turkish railways.

9. Ankara Castle

Ankara, Ankara CastleImagine a large array of defensive walls and watchtowers, which were once encircled the Old Town of Ankara. Even this complex was one of the most fortified constructions in Anatolia. Presently, this is the Ankara Citadel, which is situated right in the heart of the city and, plus, it consists of two lines of defensive walls. The one side of these impressive walls is dominated by an immense fortress, which is one of the highest points in Ankara. This is the impressive Ankara Castle, which also offers some of the best panoramic vistas of the whole central cityscape. After a few hours in an absolute enjoyment of the history of the capital city of Turkey, make sure to enjoy a long shopping therapy, because plenty of shops and other amenities are adjacent to the castle.

10. Ottoman Style Streets in Kutahya

Ankara, Ottoman Style Streets in KutahyaImagine a whole scenic village, which is situated only a few hour's drive east from Ankara. You can easily travel to the village by a car, bus or train, while this magical place tempts you through a unique possibility to enjoy the fabulous old charm of Turkey. Numerous calm and narrow streets are dotted by picturesque old buildings and other constructions from the Ottoman period. This is also quite a large community, where you can come across a variety of lodgings, restaurants, cafeterias and other eateries, while the unique architectural style of everything that surrounds you will seduce you to take a picture after a picture or even make a whole album. Because these are the Ottoman style streets in Kutahya, Turkey.

           Plenty of iconic landmarks and unique cultural monuments provide the best settings to indulge in the fabulous historical legacy of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. As a source of an imagination and inspiration, or just as a source of relaxation and countless amusements, you can take full advantage of numerous interesting places to enjoy an unforgettable experience. However, make it a very special and unforgettable experience through the Top 10 attractions to visit in Ankara.

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