Spain is a very magnetic and colourful country, where are situated some of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The unique cultural and historical legacy of Spain left for us numerous monuments, landmarks and sites, which are definitely impressive. However, the natural resources of Spain play a major role when you have to choose a place for your next holiday. A number of steep mountain hills create a perfect environment for an abundance of winter sports and activities, while during the summer the coasts of Spain are very irresistible, too. Spain is blessed with picturesque coastlines on two main water areas - the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, a plenty of islands transform into a real paradise for visitors of all over the world. Thus, you can choose between almost countless tempting places for your very special vacation. However, The Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Spain are next.

1. Barcelona

Spain, BarcelonaAlongside the beautiful coast of the Balearic Sea is located the charming town of Barcelona. The city offers something for everyone to enjoy a really special vacation and, actually, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. Here, you can take full advantage of numerous summer attractions and water sports, because the crystal clear waters of the western Mediterranean Sea are very irresistible. Moreover, Barcelona is home to dozens of interesting sights and historic landmarks. The Roman Catholic church of Sagrada Familia, the Picasso Museum and the community of Poble Espanyol are just a few examples. In addition, arguably the most famous sight in the city is the Camp Nou stadium, which is the largest football stadium in Europe.

2. Madrid

Spain, MadridOne of the most quintessential tourist destinations in Spain is, of course, the city capital of Spain. Madrid is also the largest community in Spain and offers all kinds of amusements and recreations. Moreover, Madrid is a really captivating city, first, through its amazing buildings with Renaissance and Medieval architectural style. Plus, you can find all needed comforts and high-class services that can satisfy even the most capricious tastes - luxury hotels, fine dining places, etc. Madrid offers also an abundance of attractions and you definitely will need much more than a vacation to enjoy everything what the capital of Spain has to offer. However, make sure to visit the Plaza de Cibeles, the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace and the Madrid Cathedral, and don`t forget your camera as well.

3. Cordoba

Spain, CordobaCordoba is a very scenic city in the area of Andalusia, southern Spain. This city is also famous for its fabulous cultural and historical background, because of a rich legacy of Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and Catholic rules. Thus, among the town of Cordoba, you can come across numerous religious attractions and landmarks, such as the Mezquita de Cordoba and the Sinagoga de Cordoba. Plus, you can find also many impressive churches, memorials, theatres, museums and other cultural sights. Cordoba is also a very picturesque community, dotted by numerous gardens, parks and recreation sites, which deliver very tempting options for an absolutely relaxation. However, make sure to visiting the popular Roman Bridge, which crosses the Guadalquivir River, creating splendid vistas for taking a picture, for example.

4. Valencia

Spain, ValenciaValencia is the third largest city in Spain, as well as a very popular tourist destination. The picturesque location along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea provides countless opportunities for summer activities and attractions. Indeed, the subtropical climate guarantee guests of Valencia haven a wealth of water amusements and a year-round sunshine. Moreover, Valencia is most famous for its numerous international sport events, such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, the Football Champions League, the Moto GP and many others. Valencia is a very vibrant and colourful city, where you can also enjoy many cultural sights and monuments, luxury accommodations, fine dining places and other eateries. Thus, Valencia is obviously a very appealing tourist destination.

5. Palma de Mallorca

Spain, Palma de MallorcaThe main port and the major urban area on the Balearic Islands, the city of Mallorca, is also a very picturesque southern city on an island with the same name. Palma de Mallorca is arguably a very popular tourist destination, because, among the city of Mallorca you can come across numerous buildings with an incredible Gothic architecture, as well as a plenty of choices for recreation. The whole island is bordered by picturesque communities and a variety of scenic rocky beaches, while the northwestern shoreline is dominated by majestic mountain hills and steep forests. However, among the city coast of Mallorka you can find numerous white sandy beaches, as well as many historical sites. The Cathedral La Seu and the Santa Eulalia church are two impressive examples, while the Bellver Castle and the surrounding park area is definitely another place not to miss.

6. Marbella

Spain, MarbellaThe city of Marbella is located right along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometers east of the Strait of Gibraltar. Your holiday in Marbella will be transformed into a very elegant, stylish and unforgettable experience, because of a year-round sunshine, countless water activities and a sophisticated recreational base. Thus, the whole area of Marbella is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations situated along the southern coastline. A plenty of delicious food, non-stop beach parties, as well as numerous amenities and interesting landmarks, such as the Bonsai Museum, deliver a very special experience. Moreover, the majestic mountain peaks of the Sierra Blanca are a very inspiring addition to the whole skyline of the city, especially if you are on a boat at sea and the sun goes down.

7. Seville

Spain, SevilleSeville is located in southwestern Spain and is the fourth largest city. Scenically situated along the Guadalquivir River, Seville is also a very beautiful town, offering a wide range of options for a really unforgettable experience. In fact, you will need much more than a whole vacation to explore everything in Seville, because only the old quarter of the city, the Barrio de la Santa Cruz, contains a wide number of historical landmarks and interesting sights. The royal palace of Alcazar and the Giralda of Seville are very impressive sights to witness. Moreover, here is located the largest Gothic cathedral in the world - the Cathedral of Saint Mary. After a long day of sightseeing, make sure to enjoy a cup of coffee on the nearby picturesque plaza. Indeed, they are all picturesque.

8. Granada

Spain, GranadaGranada is a very famous year-round tourist destination in southern Spain, because of its picturesque location among the mountain hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Scenically situated at the foot of the mountain, among the city you can also come across a wide range of interesting places to visit, as well as many historical sights. The cultural heritage of Granada is symbolically presented by the amazing architectural style of the city. The Alhambra palace, the Royal Chapel of Granada and the Cathedral of Granada are three significant examples. Overall, Granada is a very captivating and impressive city. However, you can enjoy almost all kinds of recreations and amusements, because the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is only about an hour`s drive south, while the steep mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada are visible from the city center.

9. Segovia

Spain, SegoviaOnly a few kilometers northwest of Madrid is located another popular tourist destination - the city of Segovia. Here, you can enjoy an abundance of speechless views, because the city lies at the crossroad of the Eresma River and the Clamores River, which also create a very scenic ambient. Moreover, the vistas to the majestic peaks of the Guadarrama Mountains are very inspiring, while the impressive architectural style of the city is really unforgettable. During a vacation in Segovia, make sure to visit the Roman Aqueduct, which is a symbolic landmark of the town. The Segovia Cathedral and the stone castle Alcazar of Segovia are also some of the most impressive historic buildings that you don`t want to miss. Then, enjoy the local cuisine and take a photo of the stunning sunset.

10. Bilbao

Spain, BilbaoBilbao is a very appealing place to visit, because this is one of the most attractive and picturesque cities in northern Spain. Also, a historical background of nearly five centuries transforms the city into a very remarkable arena of contrasts. Among the Old town of Bilbao you can come across a plenty of impressive old buildings, such as the Gothic Cathedral of Santiago. While in the city are located also numerous modern buildings, which are an inspiring state of art, such as the Guggenheim Museum. Through a variety of parks, recreation sites and, of course - the scenic estuary of Bilbao, you can also enjoy an absolutely relaxation among the cityscape. In general, Bilbao is a very tempting destination for vacation, where you will need a lot of memory for your camera as well.

      Historic cities or luxurious resorts with contemporary amenities, the beautiful Kingdom of Spain offers a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy a really captivating and unforgettable experience. Moreover, the Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Spain offer a very special experience, too. A whole vacation or just an impromptu trip - you should enjoy at least a few of the destinations mentioned.

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