Top 10 Places to visit in Wyoming, USA
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     Wyoming is a beautiful western state of U.S., located among the eastern Rocky Mountains, which form nearly two thirds of the state. Actually, Wyoming is much more than a mountain splendor - it is a scenic land with incredible conditions for recreation and tourism, including steep mountains with extremely pure and fresh alpine air, as well as infinite prairies with scenic urban areas and colourful landscapes. The "Cowboy State" is most famous for the Yellowstone National Park, the Fossil Butte National Monument and many other historical landmarks and cultural sights. Thus, the whole state of Wyoming offers a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy an unforgettable experience, but keep in mind these Top 10 places to visit, which are really special and unique.

1. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Wyoming, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaBighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is an irresistible magnet if you need a relaxing vacation among mountain hills and extremely pure waters. In addition, a plenty of picturesque lodgings, such as campgrounds, campsites, recreation and picnic areas, deliver a full harmony with nature for an absolutely relaxation. Between Wyoming and Montana, you can come across the stunning landscapes of the Bighorn River and respectively the Bighorn Canyon, whose vistas can take your breath away. Moreover, the river also forms a lake, named the Bighorn Lake, which is one of the hottest trout fishing lakes in the world. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is a perfect place for relaxation, away from the noise and pressure of the big cities. Actually, the only louder noise here is maybe the singing of the birds.

2. Devils Tower National Monument

Wyoming, Devils Tower National MonumentDevils Tower National Monument is located in the northeastern section of Wyoming and is a very attractive place to visit, because of the inspiring feelings. Among the Black Hills, green forests and vast meadows, rises majestically the igneous formation of the Devils Tower. Its 1,267 feet and numerous vertical columns deliver a feeling for superiority, as well as turn the tower into a real challenge for climbers. Moreover, photographers can take a lot of speechless photos, especially during sunrise or sunset, when the melting colours and shades are much more than a harmony.

3. Fort Laramie National Historic Site

Wyoming, Fort Laramie National Historic SiteFort Laramie National Historic Site is located in eastern Wyoming and is a very attractive place to visit, thanks to its fabulous historic background, which left for us a plenty of cultural monuments and other sights. Incredible architecture, cavalry barracks, sandy streets and old wagons are only a few examples. Fort Laramie was an important fur trading post during the 19th century and played a major role for the development of the region. Thus, you can go back in the history and to learn more about the cultural heritage of these areas. Then, make a photo of the infinite landscape or enjoy a scenic picnic along the shores of the nearby river. In all cases, your visit of the Fort Laramie National Historic Site will be unforgettable.

4. Yellowstone National Park

USA, Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park is the first national park in the world, as well as the largest in the U.S. Thus, it is strongly recommended to enjoy one of the most famous historic and natural landmarks in the world. Including parts of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, the whole area of the Yellowstone National Park is a scenic paradise that creates a very appealing choice for vacation. Indeed, even a whole vacation is insufficient to explore everything what this park has to offer. Splendid mountain peaks, breathtaking vistas to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, blue crystal waters of the Yellowstone Lake, a colourful abundance of animals, birds, trees and plants, is only the beginning. You can find also a wide number of amazing lodgings, historical and cultural sights, and a plenty of year-round activities, sports, adventures and attractions. Overall, the whole vibrant area of the Yellowstone National Park delivers a very special experience, which will stay for a long time.

5. Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis

Thermopolis, Hot Springs State ParkThe Hot Springs State Park is situated in East Thermopolis, in Hot Springs County, right next to the scenic shores of the Bighorn River. The park is most famous for its hot springs, including the largest natural mineral spring in the world.  With a temperature of 135 degrees, the water is used for its healing benefits as well as a spectacular natural wonder. Enjoy the outdoor pools, the splendid views to the park, then, make a tour of the city of Thermopolis, for example. The town is quite small and quiet, but is dotted by numerous shops, restaurants and other eateries, which are definitely an unforgettable addition to each vacation here.

6. Grand Teton National Park

Teton Range, Grand Teton National Park"A stunning mountain splendor" is maybe the shortest description of the Grand Teton National Park. However, this is a mountain paradise in northwestern Wyoming, where the mountain peaks of the Teton Range are a delight for all the senses. Hundreds of campsites among the park offer a perfect condition to enjoy this beautiful environment, while dozens of outdoor activities and adventures deliver a unique experience all year round. Climbing, mountain biking and hiking are only a few of mountain attractions, while the crystal waters of the Jackson Lake and many other lakes are best for fishing or boating. What about the winter? In the wintertime, you can take advantage of infinite snowy slopes, which are a temptation for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and many other winter activities. The vistas are also fabulous, but first must be seen and felt.

7. National Elk Refuge, Jackson

Jackson, National Elk RefugeAnother appealing place to include in your travel list is the National Elk Refuge, located in northeastern Jackson, Teton County. Here, you can spend an hour or a whole day in watching the elk herds, which are always majestic sights to witness. Each fall-winter, thousands of elks migrate from the southern Yellowstone National Park and create a picturesque addition to the surrounding mountain hills. The white landscape of the refuge is dotted by countless brown elks and during a scenic horse ride you can take a close photo. Moreover, the whole area is fulfilled with numerous bird, mammal and plant species, to form a vibrant flora and fauna, which also creates an illusion that you are away from the city. Indeed, all contemporary amenities of the Jackson city are only a short walk distance of the National Elk Refuge.

8. Cheyenne

Wyoming, CheyenneCheyenne is the largest city in Wyoming as well as the capital of the state. The whole urban area of Cheyenne provides almost all kind of recreation and is a very appealing choice for vacation. Indeed, even a whole vacation in Cheyenne might be insufficient to enjoy everything what the city has to offer. Parks, recreation sites, fine dining places and numerous accommodations are only a few examples. Moreover, the city of Cheyenne is famous for its cultural monuments and historical landmarks, such as the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, the Wyoming State Museum, the State Capitol of Wyoming and many more. Moreover, nearby is the crossroad of the Crow Creek and the Dry Creek and thus, you can easily enjoy a relaxing trip among the surrounding nature as well. Plus, don`t forget to take your camera.

9. South Pass City

Wyoming, South Pass City>South Pass City is another historic site, which is a very appealing place to visit. In 19th century, the village grew-up thanks to the gold mining industry and today, you can enjoy a number of historic structures as well as the famous Carissa Gold Mine. Also, you can come across numerous wooden houses and log cabins, which deliver the final shapes of a unique experience. However, you may need a whole day in enjoying the scenic shores of the river, passing right through the village. A picnic or a walking trip, the sound of the water will be your best friend.

10. Fossil Butte National Monument

Wyoming, Fossil Butte National MonumentCollectors, paleontologists and everyone, for whom the fossils are a passion, can take advantage of a short trip to the Fossil Butte National Monument. In southwestern Wyoming, only a few miles west of the city of Kemmerer, you can go back through the ages, meaning about 2 million years ago, when the whole area was a water basin. Through a Visitor Center, fossil exhibits and video presentations, you can learn much more about this long period. Common examples of preserved fossils are turtles, fish, numerous insects and many other plant and animal species. Also, after your visit of the Fossil Butte National Monument, make sure to take a photo of the scenic landscape.

     A vibrant wildlife with scenic towns and a plenty of attractions - this might be the best recipe for a really captivating vacation. Indeed, many other attractions and sites transform the whole area of Wyoming into a very tempting choice for an unforgettable experience. But make it special through these amazing places to visit in Wyoming.

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