Top 10 Travel Destinations in Ohio, USA
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     Ohio is a very tempting place to visit, which is a charming combination of urban areas with fabulous historical background, as well as numerous options for recreation. Each summer vacation or even just a short trip is transformed into an unforgettable and captivating experience, which will stay for a long time. Numerous thriving towns with countless contemporary amenities provide your full comforts, while the incredible nature is everywhere as well. To the north, Ohio is bordered by the scenic shores of Lake Erie, while the southern border is actually the Ohio River. Moreover, a wide number of small lakes, ponds, rivers and other water bodies also create incredible settings for relaxation among nature. Thus, all places among the beautiful state of Ohio offer a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy a really special and unforgettable experience. If your favorite place is not included in this short list, these attractive Top 10 travel destinations in Ohio will become your lovely places, definitely.

1. Cedar Point Amusement Park

Ohio, Cedar Point Amusement ParkThe Cedar Point Amusement Park is an irresistible temptation for adults and kids, located right in the northernmost middle section of Ohio. Indeed, the park is situated on a whole peninsula in Lake Erie, providing a plenty of coastal amusements and recreations. Swimming, boating and fishing are only a few examples, because one of the most quintessential things to do during a trip to the Cedar Point Amusement Park is to enjoy at least one of the 17 rollercoasters. Plus, make sure to take advantage of the Cedar Point Museums, the Planet Snoopy, the Go Karts, the shores of the Cedar Point Lake, as well as the scenic campground and numerous eateries. The Cedar Point Amusement Park is a real paradise for amusements.

2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Rock and Roll Hall of FameCleveland is one of the biggest towns in Ohio and offers a wide number of interesting places to visit, but make sure to include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in your travel list. Right in Downtown Cleveland, along the vibrant shore of Lake Erie, is located this fabulous museum which can take you back through the most famous celebrities and artists, contributed for the development of the rock music. Inside the museum, you can come across numerous temporary exhibits of Roy Orbison, U2, Wanda Jackson, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and many other musicians. Moreover, the exterior of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is also captivating. An incredible state of the art structure with 7 levels is inviting you to take a photo after photo. Plus, the calm water of the lake is also an unforgettable addition to the entire atmosphere, transforming the area into a very appealing place to visit.

3. Toledo

Ohio, ToledoLocated at the mouth of the Maumee River in Lucas County, Toledo is another urban area in northernmost Ohio. Also, this is a very tempting travel destination, because of a unique cityscape, dotted by numerous recreation sites, parks, eateries, accommodations, historical landmarks, shopping centers, in general - all kinds of modern amenities. The Toledo Museum of Art is an incredible place to know more about the cultural heritage of the region, while the Anthony Wayne Bridge is arguably the best place to take a stunning photo. Downtown Toledo is a vibrant mixture of tall buildings and dynamic streets, which are also very colourful, especially when the sun goes down. Overall, don`t forget to take your camera as well.

4. LeVeque Tower, Columbus

LeVeque TowerRight in the heart of the state, right in the capital and the largest city in the state, right in Downtown Columbus, is located the majestic LeVeque Tower. This is a 555-feet tall building, which is also one of the tallest in the world. Moreover, it is located nearby the Scioto River, which is a very captivating and charming addition to the entire urban environment. The Art Deco detail of the LeVeque Tower is a real magnet for photographers, which can choose between a plenty of spots for taking the best photo. For example, the Broad Street Bridge, which crosses the river, offers a very great perspective for taking a stunning photo. What about the night time scene? The cityscape is speechless and you will need a lot of memory for your camera.

5. Amish Country

Ohio, Amish CountryAlso in the middle of the state, the Amish Country is a fabulous area of splendid nature and picturesque communities, where one can find his favorite place to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Scenic lodgings and shops in Millersburg or a comfortable inn in Walnut Creek, the area offers a perfect fit for relaxation and recreation. Berlin and Mt. Eaton are other major communities in Amish Country, where you also can come across numerous recreations. For example, the famous Amish buggies are very tempting for an afternoon ride among the calm and scenic streets. Plus, the local flora and fauna creates perfect settings for fishing, bird watching, picnicking, bicycling, hiking and many other outdoor activities. In general, you may need a whole vacation to enjoy everything in Amish Country.

6. Cincinnati

Ohio, CincinnatiCincinnati is located in southwestern Ohio, right along the scenic shore of the Ohio River and, thus, you can come across a plenty of water amusements and recreations. However, the city of Cincinnati is a huge urban area and a very attractive place for living or vacation as well. Through a wide number of luxury accommodations and comfortable lodgings, recreation sites, a plenty of outdoor activities and historical landmarks, the metropolitan area of Cincinnati offers a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy a very special experience. The Cincinnati Museum Center and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra are only a few of the places that you don`t want to miss, while the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge is arguably the best place for taking a photo of the cityscape. Especially at night, when the lights of the buildings are magically reflected by the calm water of the river.

7. Dayton

Ohio, DaytonDayton is another important place to include in your travel list. Indeed, this is the sixth largest town in Ohio and is a place, where you can find a wide variety of options for lodging, dining, shopping and entertainment. Straight and dynamic streets in downtown, dotted by numerous tall buildings and cultural sites, create a unique environment, especially at sunset. Dayton is also known as a birthplace of aviation and is home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which is a very interesting place for visiting as well. Plus, the city of Dayton offers a plenty of attractions, sports and adventures for your trip. Golf courses, biking and walking trails, baseball fields, football fields and numerous tennis courts are only a few examples. Photographers will be also captivated by the majestic skyline of Dayton.

8. Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cleveland

Cleveland, Cleveland Botanical GardenBack to the picturesque city of Cleveland, make sure to visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Right next to the Wade Park, you can come across a huge transparent structure with scenic gardens in front. Indeed, the inside is much more attractive, because you can enjoy one of the finest biomes in the area. An abundance of flora and fauna create a unique scene for exploration of the Costa Rica and the Madagascar biospheres. Rain forests, Chinese gardens, crystal blue streams with gorgeous bridges are only a few of the sights. Overall, seek and you shall find your lovely inspiration.

9. Ohio Statehouse, Columbus

Ohio StatehouseIn the capital of the state, Columbus, is located the famous Ohio Statehouse. In the middle of the Capitol Square, this scenic building is located only a short walking distance from the LeVeque Tower, and is also a very tempting place to visit. The art work of the Ohio Statehouse is perfectly blended to the entire cityscape, creating a charming concoction of feelings. Moreover, this monument really can take you back through the history of the state.

10. Akron

Ohio, AkronOnly about a half hour drive south of Cleveland, is located the captivating town of Akron. The city is most famous for its diverse architecture, including civic buildings, business towers, houses with art deco ornaments and glass buildings. In addition, numerous historic landmarks, cultural monuments and sculptures create a really unforgettable environment. Moreover, the nearby Great Lakes and the Little Cuyahoga River are the best places for a variety of outdoor activities and water amusements. Enjoy some of the numerous annual festivals and special events, then the fine dining places and don`t forget to take a picture of the stunning downtown skyline. In fact, this might be only the beginning of your trip in Akron.

     A splendid nature, huge metropolitan areas, countless outdoor activities and year-round attractions, guarantee guests of Ohio haven a wealth of choices for amusements and an unforgettable experience. However, there are so many interesting places to visit that even a whole vacation is insufficient to enjoy everything what this beautiful state has to offer. Thus, consider the Top 10 travel destinations in Ohio, which are definitely the best.

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