Top 10 Places to visit in Montana, USA
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     Mountains, rivers, lakes, green forests and steep hills are only a few examples of what awaits you in the beautiful State of Montana. The whole charm of Northern America is transformed into an irresistible magnet for people, who seek a relaxation among nature, a romantic getaway or maybe just a perfect escape from the noise of the big city. However, Montana is the 4th most extensive state in the U.S. and provides a perfect fit for everyone to come enjoy an absolutely relaxation and captivation. In addition, you can come across a wide number of urban areas, as well as to take advantage of a bunch of amenities, high-class services and many other comforts. There is an abundance of tempting attractions, outdoor activities, lodgings and amusements in Montana, to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. But, make it a very special vacation through these amazing places to visit in "The Treasure State".

1. Glacier National Park

Montana, Glacier National ParkGlacier National Park is one of the most significant National Parks, for which Montana is famous on all over the world. This Natural Wonder is blessed with over a million acres of scenic mountains, crystal blue lakes, infinite prairies, an extremely refreshing and pure alpine air, as well as an abundance of wildlife. Glacier National Park is definitely an unforgettable place to visit in Northern Montana, where grizzly, mountain goat, lynx and countless bird species are always a majestic sight to witness. Actually, a whole vacation is insufficient to explore everything in Glacier National Park, but even during a short daily trip you can enjoy this mountain splendor at its maximums. The remote location from any highly-urbanized areas and a plenty of picturesque lodgings, make the whole area of the park maybe the best choice for an absolutely relaxation among nature, which ensures a very special experience as well. What about the speechless sunrises and sunsets? Come and take a photo.

2. Virginia City

Montana, Virginia CityThis is a small but a vibrant town in southwestern Montana. With a population of only about 150, and an area of 1.0 sq. mile, the community of Virginia City delivers amazing conditions for a private and isolated vacation. However, your relaxing visit can be easily diversified by numerous activities, thanks to the countless biking and hiking forest trails among the nearby mountains. Moreover, among the city you can come across the charm of the Old West, because the historic buildings create a perfect environment to enjoy this time machine. A great example is the Gilbert Brewery with its old information signs, wooden walls and white windows.

3. Yellowstone National Park

Montana, Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park is the first national park in the world, as well as the largest in the U.S. Thus, it is strongly recommended to enjoy one of the most famous historic and natural landmarks in the world. Including parts of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, the whole area of the Yellowstone National Park is a scenic paradise that creates a very appealing choice for vacation. Indeed, even a whole vacation is insufficient to explore everything what this park has to offer. Splendid mountain peaks, breathtaking vistas to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, blue crystal waters of the Yellowstone Lake, a colourful abundance of animals, birds, trees and plants, is only the beginning. You can find also a wide number of amazing lodgings, historic and cultural sights, and a plenty of year-round activities, sports, adventures and attractions. Overall, the whole vibrant area of the Yellowstone National Park delivers a very special experience, which will stay for a long time.

4. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site

Montana, Fort Union Trading Post National Historic SiteMake sure to spend a few hours or a whole day in a very captivating exploration of the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site. Right along the Upper Missouri River shores, between Montana and North Dakota, you can come across this outstanding facility, which can take you back through the history of America. This trading post played a major role for the developing of the fur trading between the Indian tribes about two centuries ago. Presently, the reconstructed Fort Union Trading Post is a very special place to visit, thanks of a wide variety of activities and attractions, featuring guided tours, museum, bookstore, kids programs and much more. The surrounding nature is also incredible, inviting you to take a photo after photo.

5. Helena

Montana, HelenaHelena is the "Queen City of the Rockies", as well as the capital of Montana. Beautifully located in central western Montana, at the foot of Mt. Helena, the whole urban area offers a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy a very special vacation - a plenty of scenic and luxurious accommodations, numerous activities, adventures and watersports, as well as a bunch of temping attractions. Moreover, the "Capital City" is surrounded by mountains, providing infinite options for mountain recreation and tourism. A great example is the unique Helena National Forest. Plus, Helena is a strongly recommended place to visit, because of a plenty of historic landmarks and cultural sights. Helena State Capitol, St. Helena Cathedral, dozens of museums, art galleries and libraries, are only a few examples.

6. Granite Peak

Montana, Granite PeakWhat about the highest mountain peak in Montana? The Granite Peak in Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is a real challenge for all mountaineers, climbers and adventurists. At an elevation of 12,807 feet, the Granite Peak is so difficult for ascent, that its name "Granite" is perfectly associated with the severe climate and the extreme rocky slopes. However, the summit of Granite Peak is a magnet for everyone, who needs to coalesce with nature. The fresh alpine air leaves you open-minded, while the stunning views to the mountain landscapes are stunning, especially during sunset. The Froze-to-Death Plateau is maybe the best place for a base camp before tackling the peak. Make sure to take your best equipment, skills and mood, and come enjoy the mountain splendor of the Granite Peak. Don`t forget to take your camera as well.

7. Bannack State Park

Montana, Bannack State ParkBannack State Park is another very irresistible place to visit, which really can take you back through the ages during the Gold Rush. Located in southwestern Montana, among mountain hills and blue sky, you can come across several wooden houses, as well as to feel the spirit of the good old times. Thus, the community of Bannack is nicknamed "The Ghost Town". Moreover, you can take advantage of numerous year-round activities and attractions, such as camping, picnicking, guided tours, ranger programs and scouting programs. Or, during the winter months, you can enjoy a scenic ice-skating or ice-fishing. What about the surrounding flora and fauna? They provide a perfect environment for an absolute isolation, relaxation, serenity and privacy.

8. Bozeman

Montana, BozemanBozeman is another big urban area in Montana, located between the scenic mountain hills of the Bridger Mountains, the Big Belt Mountains, the Tobacco Root Mountains, the Madison Range and the Gallatin Range. Overall, the whole area of Bozeman is a paradise for adventurists, who feel a need to enjoy the snowy slopes. A plenty of winter resorts and mountain lodges, surrounded by countless ski trails, are best for cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and many other winter activities. However, the dry continental climate also provides a plenty of amusements during the summer, for example, horseback riding, golf, fishing, picnicking, bird watching, etc. Each vacation in Bozeman is special, also because of the incredible historical and cultural monuments, buildings and museums. Moreover, the picturesque city of Bozeman is only a few miles north of the famous Yellowstone National Park.

9. Clark Fork River

Montana, Clark Fork RiverBeautifully flowing among the Rocky Mountains, the Clark Fork River is a temptation for visitors of all ages. This is arguably the most scenic river in western Montana, which provides incredible settings for recreation and tourism. For example, nearby the idyllic shores of the river are situated numerous campgrounds, campsites and other lodgings. In addition, you can take advantage of a lush fishing all year round, as well as of an extreme rafting during the winter. The river also flows through the town of Missoula, as well as among many other smaller communities. Moreover, there is a huge section, where the Interstate 90 highway and railroad tracks run along the charming shores of the Clark Fork River. Thus, you can take a photo of the stunning mountain landscapes, where the scenery is complemented by majestic bridges and tall mountains. The Clark Fork River is an absolutely inspiration for all the senses.

10. Philipsburg

Montana, PhilipsburgPhilipsburg is an appealing place to visit, thanks to its historic landmarks, fabulous architectural style and a plenty of interesting attractions. Only 30 miles west of Interstate 90 Highway, in Granite County, this scenic village is located at to foot of the Granite State Park. Thus, you can easily diversify your trip with a plenty of outdoor activities and sports, such as mountain biking, hiking, camping, horseback riding and many more. Plus, the nearby ponds, lakes and streams are best for boating, fishing or water skiing, for example. To achieve a very special experience, consider to visit the local saloons and shops, which can take you back to the mining era. Also, make a trip to the famous and renovated building of The Granite County Jail, then enjoy the local dining places and take a picture of your trip. Actually, you may need a whole album, because the city of Philipsburg is captivating.

     Montana is a colourful and picturesque state, where one can find his perfect place for vacation. However, if your favorite place is not included in this list - these special places to visit in Montana will become your lovely places, definitely.

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