Vermont is a beautiful New England state in the northeastern U.S., which tempts with its mountain splendor, crystal blue waters, vibrant and colourful cities, and countless amusements. Thus, the nickname of Vermont is the "The Green Mountain State". The whole area of Vermont offers a perfect fit for everyone to enjoy an unforgettable relaxing vacation or maybe a romantic getaway, an escape from the noise of the big city, or even an impromptu trip. In addition, a wide variety of historical sites, cultural monuments and other interesting landmarks delivers the final shapes of a really special experience. However, there are so many things to do and so many important places to visit in the state that next are the Top 10 vacation destinations in Vermont. Take a look of each of them and enjoy an easier choice for your next trip.

1. Lake Champlain

Vermont, Lake ChamplainThe irresistible blue waters of the Lake Champlain border the northwestern side of Vermont. This natural lake is much more than a water paradise, because it offers an endless water experience all year round and, thus, an unforgettable experience. A plenty of picturesque coastal communities provide incredible options for accommodation, while each relaxing vacation might be easily diversified by a wide variety of outdoor activities by land, as well as in water. Plus, you can come across numerous cultural and recreation sites, parks, campgrounds and marinas, which are also very appealing places to take a stunning photo. What about the sunsets? They are an inspiration for all the senses.

2. Stowe

Vermont, StoweNestled between the hills of the Green Mountains and the Worcester Range, the city of Stowe is a real paradise for living or vacation. A plenty of picturesque mountain lodgings, entirely surrounded by tall green trees, grant an absolutely relaxation among nature, where privacy and serenity are principals. Nevertheless, among the city you can come across numerous fine shopping and fine dining places, providing your full comforts. In addition, the Mount Mansfield is the highest ski area in the state and its mountain trails are also best for snowshoeing or snowmobiling during the winter, while in the summertime - the mountain trails change into a perfect place for hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing. Ultimately, these above are only a few examples of what Stowe has to offer, because another principal here is "seek and you shall find".

3. Killington

Vermont, KillingtonKillington is a very irresistible place to visit, because this is one of the hottest recreation sites in the state during the summer, as well as during the winter. Located only a few miles north of Killington Peak, you can enjoy a plenty of outdoor recreations, featuring mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, sightseeing, shopping, fishing and many others. However, in the wintertime, the splendid mountain slopes around Killington turn into a magnet for mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders and all adventurers, seeking for an unforgettable winter experience. Indeed, the area is most famous for the Killington Ski Resort and the nearby mountain lodgings, which are very scenic as well.

4. Montpelier

Vermont, MontpelierRight in the heart of the state is located the scenic town of Montpelier, which is also the capital of Vermont. Here, a plenty of parks, recreation areas, incredible nature and numerous outdoor attractions transform the city of Montpelier into a very irresistible vacation destination. Golf, biking, hiking, sightseeing, fishing or just a picnic along the Winooski River, are only a few examples of tempting activities. Moreover, the city of Montpelier is home to the Vermont State House, the Vermont History Museum and many other cultural sites, which are definitely recommended to visit and to take a photo as well. Overall, the capital of Vermont offers a very special experience.

5. Quechee Gorge

Vermont, Quechee GorgeAlong U.S. Route 4, you can come across the scenic Quechee State Park, as well as the nearby Quechee Gorge. Here, the beautiful nature offers a wide number of outdoor activities and sports, for example, camping, mountain biking, hiking and fishing. Through its colours and charm, the gorge itself is an inspiration for all the senses. The scenic Ottauquechee River is the best addition to this amazing natural wonder, which is a strongly recommended place to include in your trip. Moreover, the Route 4 passes above the gorge via a scenic and beautiful bridge, whose vistas deliver a strange mixture of feelings of passion, majesty and impression. However, the views from the bridge are beyond imagination.

6. Shelburne

Vermont, ShelburneShelburne is another tempting community for vacation. It is also located along the scenic shores of Lake Champlain and, thus, you can enjoy a plenty of year-round water amusements and attractions. The nearby Shelburne Bay is a crystal blue cove, surrounded by green forests and numerous waterfront cottages, providing incredible conditions for recreation and relaxation. Boating, swimming and fishing are some of the most quintessential things to do on Lake Champlain. While in the city, you can find a number of shops, restaurants and many interesting places to visit, such as the Shelburne Museum and the Shelburne Farms. The refreshing coastal air is very invigorating as well.

7. Dummerston

Vermont, DummerstonDummerston is located in southeastern Vermont and is a small, but a very tempting vacation destination. The scenic nature is also everywhere - from the crystal waters of the West River, to the abundant wildlife. However, the whole area of Dummerston is an inspiration for photographers, because here is located the West Dummerston Covered Bridge, which is the longest covered bridge in the state. Another great place for taking the best picture is the Rudyard Kipling's home, as well as many other buildings with an incredible architecture. Or, hike to the nearby summit and take a stunning landscape photo. The sunrises and the sunsets are speechless, too.

8. Burlington

Vermont, BurlingtonBurlington is the largest community in Vermont, and is scenically located along the Burlington Bay of Lake Champlain. Thus, the water amusements and outdoor activities are much more than an ambient. In addition, the crystal waters of the Winooski River and many other streams and ponds, deliver an unforgettable water experience all year round. The Church Street Marketplace and the Burlington City Hall are situated right in Downtown, as well as a wide number of eateries, lodgings, shops, museums and many other amenities. Also, make sure to take a picture of the largest public library in the state or the University of Vermont as well. As night approaches, the scenic coast of Burlington turns into a charming place for a romantic picnic, especially on sunset.

9. St Johnsbury

Vermont, St JohnsburyThe city of St. Johnsbury is located in Caledonia County, nearby the junction of the Interstate 91 and the Interstate 93 highways, as well as nearby the crossroad of three rivers. A scenic nature and incredible conditions for recreation create a perfect environment for everyone`s taste and style. Each summer vacation might be transformed into and unforgettable journey through a number of water sports, such as kayaking, canoeing or fishing, while the forest trails are best for hiking, jogging, picnicking, etc. Also, make sure to enjoy the incredible architecture of the city - for example, the North Congregational Church, the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, the Caledonia Superior Court and the fire station. Meanwhile, all this is only during the summer. In the wintertime, the city of St. Johnsbury is a very attractive vacation destination, also.

10. Bennington

Vermont, BenningtonBennington is located in southwestern Vermont and is nestled between the scenic hills of the Green Mountains. The humid continental climate, as well as the surrounding mountain hills, creates a delight for all the senses. All year round, you can take full advantage of dozens of outdoor activities, adventures and attractions. Fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, bird watching and tennis are only a few examples. Plus, make sure to visit the famous Bennington Battle Monument, which is a very majestic addition to the whole environment. Moreover, only a few feet aside is located the Mt. Anthony Country Club, which is a very irresistible temptation for golfers as well. In general, the city of Bennington is a colourful and beautiful jewel in southern Vermont.

     A unique geography, climate and other natural resources play a major role when you have to choose a place for your next trip. Thus, the state of Vermont is a very appealing choice for vacation or living, first because of its scenic mountain splendor; second, because of the countless activities and attractions; third, because of the charming character of the cities; fourth... Indeed, even a whole vacation is insufficient do enjoy everything what this beautiful state has to offer. However, make sure to include in your trip all or even one of the Top 10 vacation destinations in Vermont.

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