Louisiana is a picturesque southern state of America, where the beauty of nature is blended with an infinite ocean of amusements, activities and year-round attractions. Louisiana is famous for its music, multicultural and historical heritage, which left for us a wide number of landmarks, monuments, festivals and much, much more. Indeed, the local wildlife is also captivating, offering amazing conditions for recreation and tourism. Thus, some of the nicknames of the state are the "Child of the Mississippi", the "Pelican State" or the "Sugar State". A great example is the colourful abundance of parks and forests, which are scenically blended to the stunning coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. During a whole vacation or just an impromptu trip in Louisiana, consider these Top 10 attractive places to include in your travel list.

1. French Quarter, New Orleans

Louisiana ,New Orleans, French QuarterFrench Quarter is the oldest neighborhood of New Orleans, as well as the city center of New Orleans. Moreover, the whole area of the French Quarter is one of the most charming and most tempting places to visit in the whole state, because of the unique architecture, the captivating night scene and mostly - because of the countless attractions. The St. Louis Cathedral, numerous brick buildings with balconies, a plenty of galleries, the Jackson Square and the Bourbon Street are only a few examples. What about the finest dining places, shops and other eateries? They are speechless and deliver an unforgettable experience. What about the views to the Mississippi River? They are stunning.

2. Avery Island

Louisiana, Avery IslandAnother irresistible place for an unforgettable coalescence with the beautiful nature of Louisiana is the Avery Island. The island is actually located among the scenic lands of the Iberia Parish and is partly surrounded by waters - streams, rivers, ponds and the nearby Vermilion Bay. Thus, the whole area of Avery Island is a very appealing choice for visiting, first because of the splendid nature. Moreover, the region is famous as a source of the Tabasco sauce, as well as for a wide range of exotic plants. Bird watching in the Jungle Gardens park is another tempting activity here, but in all cases - don`t forget to take your camera.

3. Shreveport

Louisiana, ShreveportAt the opposite, northwestern section of Louisiana, you can come across the picturesque town of Shreveport. Located along the shores of the Red River, Shreveport is the third largest city in the state and offers incredible conditions for recreation and relaxation. However, you will be captivated by numerous watersports and year-round activities, as well as by a plenty of irresistible attractions. Next to the city is located the extremely pure Cross Lake, which is a paradise for fishing, boating, swimming and many other water adventures. Moreover, make sure to enjoy some of the time machines - for example, the Louisiana State Museum. Fascinating dioramas, frescoes and murals really can take you back through the history of Louisiana.

4. Lake Pontchartrain

Louisiana, Lake PontchartrainLake Pontchartrain is located in southern Louisiana, right above the New Orleans city. Thus, you can enjoy a very captivating experience during a visit on the lake, because of an incredible array of outdoor activities and attractions, as well as the full comforts of the big city. Along the picturesque shores of this salty lake you can come across numerous green parks and recreation areas, as well as several communities along the northern shore. There, the charming lakeside cottages and campgrounds deliver the best harmony with nature. Plus, the water sports are endless, for example, swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking and many more. Lake Pontchartrain is an irresistible place to get away from the stress of the daily modern life. The ultimate relaxation and inspiration are everywhere around you, especially during sunset.

5. New Orleans Central Business District

Louisiana, New Orleans Central Business DistrictBack to the largest city in Louisiana, the New Orleans Central Business District is everything what a modern people may need. This is a vibrant and dynamic metropolitan area, which is also considered as the Downtown. Beautifully stretching along the Mississippi River, right next to the French Quarter, the New Orleans Central Business District provides a perfect fit for everyone, seeking for a really unforgettable experience. For example, the scenic bridge, standing high in the sky, provides the best view to the tall buildings, which stand much higher in the sky. Also, you can take advantage of numerous amenities and high-class services, as well as to enjoy some of the finest dining places among the area.

6. Baton Rouge

Louisiana, Baton RougeBaton Rouge is a scenic town along the shores of the Mississippi River, as well as the capital of the state. This is a very appealing place to visit, thanks of a wide variety of landmarks, historical buildings, museums, art galleries and many other sights. For example, the statue of Huey Long overlooking the State Capitol building, or the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum. Moreover, among the downtown you can come across a plenty of luxurious hotels and lodgings that can satisfy even the most capricious tastes. While among the nearby neighborhoods, you can enjoy an abundance of picturesque accommodations, providing a full harmony with nature. Overall, the town of Baton Rouge offers a perfect fit for everyone.

7. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Louisiana, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and PreserveJean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve is one of the best places in Louisiana, where you can spend a whole day or a whole vacation in exploration of the local flora and fauna. Plus, the whole 20,020 acres of area contain a plenty of historic sights, which can tell a lot about the local culture. Deep forests with hundreds of bird and animal species create a perfect illusion that you are away from the urban area. Indeed, Downtown New Orleans is only a few miles to the north. During a trip in the Jean Lafitte Preserve, make sure to have enough memory for your camera as well. Alligators and other mammals are always inspiring additions to the colourful landscapes, especially during sunset.

8. Natchitoches

Louisiana, Natchitoches>The city of Natchitoches is located next to the Interstate 49 highway in the Natchitoches Parish. This is a very attractive place to visit in Louisiana, first because of the incredible cityscape. The First Baptist Church, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, as well as many other museums, brick streets, shops and historic buildings are only a few examples for the cultural heritage of the city. You may need even a whole vacation to explore everything what Natchitoches has to offer. However, make sure to visit the Cane River National Heritage Area and to enjoy a scenic picnic along the river. Briefly, the town of Natchitoches is a very appealing place for living or vacation.

9. Chalmette

Louisiana, ChalmetteSix miles southeast of New Orleans is situated the charming community of Chalmette. This is another urban area which is a very attractive place to visit, because of a plenty of attractions and historic monuments. Indeed, numerous parks and recreation sites provide almost endless amusements, such as picnicking, biking, fishing, jogging and many other outdoor activities. Nevertheless, a really tempting place for visiting is the Chalmette Battlefield, where you can learn more about The Battle of New Orleans. Also, enjoy a tour of the local shops, gift stores, restaurants and bars, and don`t forget to memorialize your trip through a photo.

10. Monroe

Louisiana, MonroeMonroe is located in Ouachita Parish and is also known as the "Twin City". Through the downtown flows a river that is a charming addition to the whole urban area. Monroe is a powerful magnet for visiting, thanks to a unique combination of nature and countless attractions. For example, numerous recreation areas, including tennis courts, golf courses, baseball fields and other facilities, are surrounded by tall green trees and numerous crystal blue ponds. In Downtown Monroe, you can come across a plenty of majestic buildings and historical monuments, such as the Washington Plaza, the St. Matthews Catholic Church and the nearby First Baptist Church. Also, make sure to take advantage of the local eateries, museums and shopping center, which will make your visit special.

     A business trip, a romantic getaway, an escape from the stress of the daily life or just a relaxing vacation - Louisiana offers an endless opportunities for everyone to enjoy a really captivating experience. The splendor of nature with its beautiful lakes, rivers and forests, as well as the advantages of the modern urban areas, guarantee guests of the state haven a wealth of amusements and unforgettable emotions. In fact, there are so many other interesting places to visit in Louisiana that they are almost countless as well, but these above are some of the most attractive. So, take in mind the Top 10 attractive places, which are actually ten irresistible reasons why you should visit the beautiful state of Louisiana.

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