Top 10 American Treasure Hunting Spots
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     Treasure hunting is a wild thrill; digging searching, looking for that special something you want and treasure come in many forms. Some say one mans trash is another mans treasure and this has much truth in it that is for sure. This top ten list will let you know some of the best places to hunt for treasure; treasure in conventional terms that is. Diamonds, gold, silver, rubies, gems, opals and other valuable and sought after treasure will all be covered in this top 10 list. So if you have always wanted to go hunting or searching for any precious treasures this list will give you give you a good starting point to go from. Depending on your treasure these spots will fulfill your treasure hunting desires.

1. Deming, New Mexico - Thunder Eggs

New Mexico, DemingBeing that treasure comes in so many different forms, one of them may be rocks, unique and rare rocks, such as thunder eggs, which the best place to find to find these special rocks is Deming, New Mexico. Thunder eggs are well known by sight but unless you are an enthusiast you may not know the name. These unique rocks are about the size of a baseball and can even be as small as an inch in diameter. Thunder eggs, when cut in half can reveal intricate patterns of mineral inclusions and they can also be hollow with crystals forming in the hollow insides. Digging for these unique rock formations in Deming is great but getting your shovel through the rocky surface can be very difficult to do but if it were easy everyone would be doing it. The canyons of Deming hold many of the thunder eggs and you may have to dig about three to four feet deep, look in the dirt you pull out and in the walls of your hole.

2. Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas - Diamonds

Arkansas, Crater of Diamonds State ParkAs any jewelry salesman will tell you diamonds last forever witch is very true and who doesnt want to hunt for diamonds , they are highly valuable, beautiful and highly sought. There are many places in the world where you can find diamonds but one site that is right in your backyard if you live in the states is Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. The park has a crater that is famous for diamond hunting and people find diamonds yearlong in the crater. The 37 acre, volcanic crater is the only diamond site open to the public and people find diamonds every day at the site. The volcano that was active over 100 million years ago brought up many diamonds to the surface, well that is a figure of speech it brought them close to the surface so just a small amount of digging can yield big results. The great thing about diamonds is that they come in every color imaginable including black.

3. Cherokee Ruby Mine, Franklin, North Carolina - Rubies

North Carolina, Franklin, Cherokee Ruby MineThere is a proverb that says "A good woman is more precious than rubies”, depending on your view of the subject may be true but a ruby is quite spectacular as well and digging up a ruby with your own hands makes a ruby that much more precious. You may even want to go and hunt for a ruby for that precious woman that you have, it is almost guaranteed that when you put the sweat and hard work into finding the perfect ruby for your loved ones proposal ring it will be even more precious than any store bought diamonds ring. The best place to find the perfect ruby or rubies is the Cherokee Ruby Mine in Franklin, North Carolina. Although the ruby mine in Franklin is not all that natural as if you will have a pick ax in a mine, in the Cherokee Ruby Mine you will be able to work the flume and find rough or clean cut rubies. The operators of the mine supply the natural stones and they all come from the area, this is what sets the mine apart from other places similar.

4. Denio, Nevada-Oregon - Opals

Nevada, Oregon, DenioIn Denio on the Nevada and Oregon line rock hounds can find some of the most unique and intriguing opals on the planet and they are definitely worth the time it takes to find them but any rock enthusiast knows this already. The mining site is open to the public but it does have a fee for the digging and the gigs, depending on the area you are working can cost 100 to 1,000 per dig. The good thing is the area is rich with opals and even some other precious stones that are highly sought after and there is no limit as to how much you can leave with once your fee is paid. The opals you can find are reminiscent of a galaxy in a rock form, which is how unique and special some are in color and exceptional quality. The most easily found opal in the pits is the common opal, which is amazing in itself but there are many other more unique and highly rare opals that can be found as well.

5. Spruce Pine, North Carolina - Aquamarine

North Carolina, Spruce PineNorth Carolina holds a wide variety of mineral deposits in its lands and aquamarine is one of those, especially in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Gem mines have long existed in the state and are quite common but public mines that are open for the public to search are rarer. The great thing is that there are a few sites rock hounds can find and search even some that have long been abandoned but are still rich in these precious stones. Spruce Pine is actually found in Ashville, North Carolina, which is set in the Smoky Mountains region of the Carolinas and it is one of the best places to find precious gems, well at least without having to have special permissions or permits for digging. Rock hounds are sure to be satisfied with their trip to the area and they are sure to leave with a sack full of great finds.

6. Hiddenite, North Carolina - Emeralds

North Carolina, HiddeniteAnother precious stone that is found in the Carolinas is the well-known and highly prized emerald and emeralds in North Carolina are world renowned as some of the finest found. The green emerald is one of the most common found in the state and in one place in particular, Hiddenite. Hiddenite may have a funny name for a place in western North Carolina but it is in fact one of the best places in the great state to find emeralds of all shades, shapes and sizes. Many visitors come to the area from around the United States and in fact, from around the world. It is estimated that nearly 5,000 rock hounds visit the site every year in search for the precious gems. The area holds the record for the largest emeralds found in the United States, it is truly a unique place to hunt for gems, especially emeralds.

7. Tonopah, Nevada - Turquoise

Nevada, TonopahIn Tonopah, Nevada rock hounds gather to find and collect some of the natural turquoise deposits that are found in the state, which there is an estimated 250 million or more value of the precious gem. Nevadas turquoise is regarded as some of the finest in the world and it definitely comes in the widest variety of colors. Mixtures of greens and blues and on occasions black and whites, turquoise is quite amazing when it comes from the earth of Nevada and Tonopah in specific. One of the most unique to the eyes of most is the turquoise called "Blue Eagle” it is light blue and almost a radioactive purple as it seems. There are over 100 different types and colorful turquoise that can be found in the area and some are of course more rare than others but one thing remains a fact, is that they are all valuable and they are all worth the time it takes to find them.

8. Big Sur, California - Nephrite Jade

California, Big SurWhen hunting for quality gems and mineral formations sometimes you have to look in certain places to find the perfect gem or even specific gems, such as the nephrite jade. The best place to find this underwater gem is in Big Sur, California. This town in California is the best place to find this gem in large deposits and people come from all around the world to take part in the search for large finds. There is even a big three day festival for carvers and seeker once a year at the height of the rock hound season. Recently though laws have been passed limiting the amount of jade that can be extracted from the unique jade coves, the techniques that are used have been limited as well. In the early 1900s it was quite common for rock hounds to use underwater dynamite to loosen up deposits, this was outlawed many years ago.

9. Roaring Camp, Pine Grove, California - Gold

California, Pine Grove, Roaring CampNext to diamonds the most popular deposit rock hounds search for is gold deposits and with the value of gold these days, there is no reason why it wouldnt be the most sought after precious metal on earth. Where is the best place to find it? Well that is easy to answer and it is Roaring Camp in Pine Grove California. At this operating gold mine there is the opportunity to pan for gold yourself and even do some dredging in certain areas you dont have to worry about owning a gold pan either you can easily purchase one at their onsite store. Once you own youre a gold pan you can take it to other sites as well. The area of the camp is so rich in gold deposits it is almost guaranteed you will find your big find on the camp grounds. Remember, Roaring Camp when it comes to hunting for gold.

10. Glorieta Mountain, New Mexico - Meteorites

New Mexico, Glorieta MountainOne of the most sought after and unique specimens a rock hound could want in his or her collection is way more uncommon than gold or even platinum and there is a good reason for that, it is because it doesnt come from our planet but who really knows where. Meteorites are some of the most precious rocks on the earth and they are the hardest to find but this should be expected as they come from a whole other world, somewhere in the vast universe. If you have ever thought about finding that one of a kind find then tracking and finding meteorites is what you will want to search for. One of the most popular places to search for meteorites fragments is the Glorieta Mountain in New Mexico. It can be dangerous though on the mountain as it is not a commonly traveled spot and wildlife is abundant in the area, so it is quite easy to have a run in with a giant black bear. So bring a good guide during your trip to Glorieta Mountain.

     In the world of treasure hunting these are the best spots and as you can see there is a wide variety of treasures that appeal to people of all ages. At these places on the list you can bring the family for a fun filled day searching for spoils or come by yourself and set up for a long journey finding the perfect treasure. The one thing that is positive of all these sites is that you will not be disappointed and as any seasoned rock hound knows finding these hidden gems takes time and effort or there would be none left it is the diligent treasure hunters that find what they are seeking. Will you find the treasure you are looking for, you can if it is in this top 10 list.

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