Top 10 Best Places for Bird Watching
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     There are many sights to see and many things to do in the world today but the most amazing sight in this world is the work of Mother Nature by far. Of Mother Natures works birds are one of her greatest achievements. We as humans have just in the last centuries conquered the feat of flight but this something mother nature has done a millennia ago and where we found our inspiration for design was in the many bird species of the world. The places in this list are some of the best places in the world to spend your days observing bird species in their natural habitats. Most of these places have at least 200 species of birds to enjoy and even includes the place where Darwin studied a specie of finch to contribute to his theory of evolution.

1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos IslandsOff of the coast of Ecuador is where the Galapagos Islands are located, which is one of the best places to go bird watching that you can imagine, this is mainly due to its high support of aviary creatures. You may or may not have heard of the Galapagos Islands but if you are a seasoned birdwatcher and a little into the theory of evolution than it is likely you have as it is the place where Charles Darwin studied the finch species of the Galapagos Islands, which helped lead to his Theory of Evolution. There are over 13 species of finch on the islands. The islands are very unique in that they support tropical birds such as flamingos, which there are 7 species and just feet away from those you can find cold climate birds such as the Galapagos penguin. The penguins actually got to the islands by riding the Humboldt Current; they only stand 14 inches high at their maximum height. The islands have the highest concentration of bird species in the world.

2. Falkland islands

Falkland islandsThe Falkland Islands are well-known in the birdwatchers world, especially for those who take a strong interest in penguins. The islands have around five different species of amazing little penguins and in total it is believed that there are over 1 million penguins on the islands. Penguins are a quite interesting specie of bird, the most intriguing aspect to the penguin is the fact that most species choose a mate and give them lifelong affection, although it can be sad as if a mate passes sometimes the other never moves on. To see a trait like this in the animals is really an eye opener as even primal animals feel sadness and love. Aside from the whopping penguin population there are a vast range of albatross, petral and geese to take a gander at as well. The islands hold over 500 different animals and over 60% of the world black-browed albatross populous inhabits the islands.

3. Big Bend National Park, USA

Big Bend National ParkThe Beg Bend National Park is well-known for its top of the line birding events, mainly sponsored by the National Audubon Society. There are so many species of bird in the park that even now there are birds that are being discovered in the park and according to the park service birdwatchers are a key component in the discovery of rare and unlisted species of the park. In the visitors center there are special forms for these sightings, you can fill in the type of bird and where it was spotted and if you have a photo you can submit it as well. The park is a good year round bird watching destination and throughout the course of the year those visiting the park for birding can see over 450 different species of aviary species. The park also has over 75 different mammal species to see as well and is the only place in the United States with some of the rarest bird such as the gold fronted woodpecker.

4. Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango DeltaThe Okavango Delta in Botswana is the worlds biggest inland delta; the delta supports a wide variety of wildlife and aviary species. Along the delta there is a national park and wild game reserve, so the animals you can see along the delta are amazing. For birding there are over 400 varying species of birds that survive on the deltas ecosystems including the African fish eagle and even the ostrich. Ti is a wondrous place that has over 200,000 wildlife species that roam the coasts and lands of the delta that spend time in the area outside of the rainy season in the summer months. So, aside from the many bird species that inhabit the land you are bound to see a ton of other wildlife during a trip to the Okavango Delta. Year round there are over 50,000 animals including the bird population that make their home on the delta.

5. Orkney Islands, Scotland

Orkney IslandsScotlands premier birding destination is the Orkney Islands where the RSPB or Royal Society for the Protection of Birds first started its conservation works. In fact the society is the only owner of lands in the islands they own all the islands and every complex that can be found, this is not a bad thing for those looking for a great place to bird-watch. There are three main islands in the archipelago and they all have their specific feel and terrain and diversity of bird species. Hoy maybe the biggest of the islands is a great place to see many tarn colonies, although the terrain is the most rugged of the three, it is a great place for birding and a great callisthenic hike. North Ronaldsay is an island that has a bird observatory and a trapping operation that captures some of the rarest birds found on the islands, the purpose of the facility is mainly repopulation of the rare species. On Rousay you can see a great amount of swan species and Neolithic structures and ruins, which it is most famous for.

6. Borneo Island

Borneo IslandOut of all the islands in the world Borneo Island is the third largest island in the world and its native rainforest is 130 million years old, making it one of the oldest in the world. Borneos rainforest is about 70 million years over the age of the Amazon Rainforest. When it comes to birding it is an excellent place to see many species of aviary that you cannot see anywhere else in the world. The island is home to many species of mammals and birds alike, there are around 450 year non-migrating birds that live on the island yearlong. Out of the 450 bird species there are about 25 species that are endemic to Borneo. One of the most curious of the endemic species is Bornean bristlehead which is near threatened, which communicates with various sounds, it is quite noisy specie of bird and so it is an easy bird to spot when you get close to it.

7. Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National ParkThe Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the biggest wildlife reserves on the African continent and is home to over 517 species of bird in that make their home on the reserve, although not all are residents year round about 147 are nomadic birds and around 117 are nonbreeding migratory birds. Bird watching in the park is a main event aside from a safari trip and many places in the park sell bird books and checklists so you dont miss a beat. While birding in the park you will see that there are many public watches you can easily rest and snap some great photos of some of the most exotic birds of the park. The park is at its maximum bird population after the first summer rains as many birds come from all around the Eurasia and the African continent to enjoy the surplus of food that the rainwater ensures.

8. Manu National Park, Peru

Manu National ParkAnother place to enjoy a myriad of unique bird species is the Manu National Park in Peru, it is most known for its massive biodiversity, one of the most diversified parks in the world.  The park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is also the largest national park in Peru, it is 18,811 kilometers squared in total area coverage. The park boasts an incredible number of birds, more than the total amount of birds found in the United States in total there are over 1,000 species of bird. The majority of the park is found on the eastern slope of the Andes and the rest in the Peruvian Amazon. It is an amazing adventure to set out on when looking for a great place to bird watch. Colorful and unique birds can be found throughout the park, hiking in the rainforest zone is quite amazing as well.

9. Kakadu National Park, Australia

Kakadu National ParkAustralia is the home of many weird animals that are some of the most unique in the world such as its native kangaroo and when it comes to bird species it does not lack in the department of uniqueness either. The best place to bird watch on the Australian continent is by far the Kakadu National Park, which nearly cover the same size area of Tasmania. The park houses a wide variety of animals of which 280 species are birds. The birds of the park are very active throughout the daylight hours with flocks of various species filling the skies above visitors heads and numerous birds of prey hunting for their next meal. For a great birding experience the park is quite the destination to travel to. It is of course not just the diversity of wildlife that makes the park so grand but also the landscape itself, which is some of the most prestigious lands within Australia and it attracts more than 500,000 visitors a year.

10. Camargue, France

CamargueCarmargue, France is a great place to see many bird species of the Mediterranean as it is set right on the coast and is some of the most wild landscapes in all of Europe, it is the most protected as well. Carmargue was officially established as a regional park since 1970. The park is grand in nature and has remarkable vistas that are perfect for catching a peek at some wonderful bird species with amazing forested and coastal backdrops. During the spring and autumn season is it one of the best places in the world to see the aviary migration in full action, especially when it comes to coastal bird species. There are around 8 different kinds of herons that make their home in the park and around the coast. On the limestone hills of the area you may even have a chance to catch some great photos of the eagle owl, the Egyptian vulture and the Bonellis Eagle in their natural habitat, hunting and resting.

     All of the destinations pointed out in this top ten list are world recognized sites and are the best places to go to have a great birding experience and come back home with some really awesome photos of rare and unique birds. Some of the best nature photographers visit these places yearly and the reasons why are more than apparent. Anyone can have leave with magazine quality photos of the worlds most unique bird species, when they travel around in these parks and islands. Catch the most majestic herons and eagles during their breeding periods or snap some shots of endangered birds that may not make it through the next decade if conservation standards are not met.

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