Top 10 Places to Escape the Winter
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     When winter hits and snow falls people naturally want to get somewhere warmer, preferably a place that has a lot to offer as far as activities and scenery. These destinations are the best places to escape the harsh winters and stay warm all without sacrificing wonderful moments. What is the point in getting away from the winter weather if you are just going to sit inside a hotel in a crowded city? Yes, the temperature will be great but it would be a waste of your time. These top ten places are just the right temperature year round, no point in getting away from the freezing cold to suffer in a sauna like destination either. These are the top ten perfect places to escape the winter.

1. Moorea, French Polynesia

MooreaThere should be no doubt that the French Polynesia is one of the most grand places to spend some time anytime season but there is one place in the French Polynesia that comes to life in the winter months and thats Moorea, Tahiti. When visiting Moorea plan to stay for a while, take a few weeks to relax in paradise as some would say, it is almost a fact that when people visit Moorea they always feel as they didnt spend enough time in its beautiful, relaxing, and warm lands. Its not just because they didnt set back enough time for their stay but it also has to do with Moorea being so perfect of a destination. The island is encircled by a coral reef about a mile from the coast and it helps fill the water surrounding Mooorea with colorful and strikingly unique marine life. The lands around Moorea are always in blossom and the romantic atmosphere is always in full swing, either creating love inspiring moments or keeping them alive in the lives of its visitors.

2. Sayulita, Mexico

SayulitaIt doesn't really matter why you come to Sayulita, Mexico what really matters is that it is going to be a great experience and one that will bring to life enjoyment for anyone who visits. The beachside town has streets paved of cobblestone, a lively plaza center where locals and visitors alike enjoy fresh and authentic Mexican fish tacos and fajitas made of grilled fish with a lemon tang, topped with a green pepper salsa, most likely homemade from a family recipe passed down through the years. It is where the Pacific Ocean comes to life on the Mexican Pacific coast. The place is perfect for young children who want to swim in the cool waters as well because Sayulita has a good choice of clean protected coves. Sipping tropical drinks on the beach from a coconut is the pastime that almost all those who come to Sayulita to relax take part in daily.

3. Islamorada, Florida, USA

IslamoradaIslamorada is located in the Florida Keys and it is the premier fishing spot in the world, with the reigning title of being the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World”, which is true in every sense. Almost all of the major sports fishing events take place at least once a year in Islamorada, which in fact is comprised of 6 Florida Keys. Islamorada may be the only place in the world that it is possible to catch a 520 pound swordfish while the sun is still out but it is also a place to hike bike and just relax on the beach. Islamorada is a divers haven and a snorkelers dream land as there are many shallow reefs for snorkeling enthusiast to enjoy and there are many deep sea reef and shipwrecks for the beginner and skilled divers to explore. This is one place in the world that can easily be called the playground of the sea and be almost precisely true.

4. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Nicoya PeninsulaThe Nicoya Peninsula is Costa Ricas largest peninsula and has the perfect weather almost all year long, although it is not that great to visit in the month of April as that is the regions rainy season and the area is mainly made of dirt roads, during the season the easily get flooded out. Nicoya doesnt only offer an ideal climate but it is one of the best places in Costa Rica for eco-tourism, especially when you stray from the common and well known paths. It is a very hilly and rainforest like region, which houses many unique animals hidden in vine covered trees and around the moist forest floor. The key to enjoying the region is taking it slow and relaxing during your trip to the Nicoya Peninsula. The lifestyle and way of life in the region is slow and laidback, none of the residents are really in a rush.

5. Kauai, Hawaii, USA

KauaiHawaii's oldest Island is one of the most striking places to visit when you are taking a trip to outrun the cold winter weather of your home land. There is a lot that makes Kauai the perfect escape from extreme climates such as the perfectly formed beaches that have sands so soft that it seems as if you are walking on clouds of air but aside from the immaculate beaches there are many things to take part in and experience. Kauai is the ultimate place to experience the Aloha Spirit as this is the island where the Hawaiian luau originated from. The relaxed and slow pace of life in Kauai is mainly due to its underdevelopment, it is one of the Hawaiian Islands that lacks paved roads and still has plenty of farmland, where the locals make their living growing pineapples and vegetables. A relaxing stroll in the gentle lapping waves landing on the sandy shores is how most people spend hours of their day in Kauai.

6. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta CanaThe Dominican Republics hottest tourist destination is undoubtedly Punta Cana. This is not the place for those who want to sit alone on a secluded beach; in fact the beaches of Punta Cana are quite packed with sun bathers from all around the globe. The city is definitely a hub for international visitors and domestic visitors alike and about everything you could want to do for fun or to relax can be found minus beachfront seclusion, unless of course you rent a private villa with its own private beach area. Punta Cana is filled with luxury resorts of all sorts, some that specifically cater to families and some that hone in on the younger crowd, the city's accommodations don't leave out the more seasoned travelers either. Resorts with their own private golf greens are among the most highly sought for the avid golfer and the beaches are lined with places to rent watersport equipment and gear.

7. San Salvador Island, Bahamas

San Salvador IslandThe Bahamas in general have long been a place of great interest for vacationers for many years but it is San Salvador Island that makes the Bahamas so great. Out of the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas archipelago, San Salvador Island is the travel connoisseurs first pick. The island has many hidden coves to explore and spend some time in; the best part of the island is that it is exclusive in the way that it has limited accommodations for visitors, so there is almost never a crowd. The limestone makeup of the island is quite intriguing to anyone and fixing your eyes on the limestone cliffs is not easily avoidable either. The island is also one of the most history rich islands in the Bahamas featuring many monuments, shipwrecks and hidden ruins that all directly tie into its history dating back to the loyalist days of the Bahamas.

8. Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles

Saint LuciaSaint Lucia is one of the best p[laces to visit in the Caribbean, the volcanic island is around 27 miles long and around fourteen miles wide with most of its white sand beaches to the northeast end. The islands landscapes vary and it is predominately mountainous in its core area. Green rainforests cover the mountains and fill the valleys making a haven for most of the islands indigenous wildlife; some species of animals are endemic to the island and can only be seen on St. Lucia. The island is the place where the worlds affluent finds there peace as well being that it is home to some of the best in class resorts on earth. First class treatment and flawless service are just some of the perks of staying at the world renowned resorts. St. Lucia is a place where some of the finest yachts gather to settle too and charting a yacht for a few days can easily be done.

9. Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

Jost Van DykeJost Van Dyke may not seem like the name of an island but it is the name of one of the best islands to escape to in the British Virgin Islands archipelago. The islands key features are the palm tree laden white sand beaches, where sipping on a rum filled coconut while swinging in a hammock tied between two shady palms on the shore can be had every day. Jost Van Dyke is also home of the best lobster found in the Caribbean as well, at least thats the claim it makes to the other islands of the archipelago. Divers find the island to be one of the best places to strap on their gear and hit the waters for exploration. This is one of the biggest attractions of the island as the reef surrounding the whole island has caused many shipwrecks in the earlier centuries before technological advances prevented such thing from happening. Now the old wrecks have become filled with colorful fish and tasty lobster.

10. Lanzarote, Canary Islands

LanzaroteJust about 80 miles of the coast of Africa is the Canary Islands top destination known as Lanzarote.  It is the best place to escape the cold and see some amazing natural formations too. Lanazarote was formed by volcanic eruptions and due to lack of erosion on the land it looks almost exactly like it did when it was born thousands of years ago. The islands most popular attraction for scientists and the general public alike is the worlds longest volcanic tunnel in the world, which is found leading out to the ocean. The tunnel is approximately 7 kilometers long and includes to other parts of the Canary Islands. Even though the majority of the island is made of volcanic rock it still has many white sand beaches within it 37 mile long lands. The average temperature of Lanazarote is about 75 degrees and thats year round although it can get a little warmer during the summer months.

     So whether you are looking for secluded beaches like those found on San Salvador Island in the Caribbean or luxury resorts like those on St. Lucia Island the places in the list are perfect for the weather run and there is the option of going to the Dominican Republic hot spot Punta Cana too. Any of these places make a good location to spend all the winter months; you just have to remember to book early because some of the places are limited on accommodations such as San Salvador Island. When winter starts to creep up on you pack your bags and head out to one of these great spots, youll stay warm and youll have a ton of fun.

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