Top 10 Most Populated Cities in the World
Top 10 Published on 30/03/2012 08:00

1. Shanghai, China - Population 23,019,148

ShanghaiChina is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world, holding many of the worlds most populated cities; out of all of the cities within the superpower is its capital city, Shanghai. The city has around 23,019,148 residents and visitors inhabit the city at any given time. Expats are among the growing city's population as well, as the city has become a rich with opportunity for foreigners and Chinese citizens alike. The city is full of things to do and businesses in all industries are thriving in the massive city. The city kind of reminds visitors of New York City as the streets are crawling with people walking the streets on their way to work and even just to get around, with such a big population getting around on foot is the preferred mode of transportation. Shanghais streets, although busy, have not lost their ancient beauty or there long lasting appeal.

2. Beijing, China - Population 19,612,368

BeijingBeijing, China's second biggest city is a close second just behind the country's capital, with a total population of 19,612,368 it may even surpass Shanghais population in the next few years. The city has been growing tremendously over the last 10 years as manufacturing demands have been growing for world consumers and the workers of Beijing have been meeting those demands. The budding city attracts Chinese citizens from around the country year after year adding to the ever increasing growth rate. It is not just the economy of the city that keeps the population growing; it also has to do with all the Chinese history spread throughout the city. Beijing has long been known for it giant rock walls and its fine art treasures dating back to some of the earliest Chinese dynasties. Another aspect that brings in new resident by the load is that it is home to some of China's highest level universities, which has made the city a location rich in culture.

3. Tokyo, Japan - Population 13,185,502

TokyoIn the world there is none quite like it or even quite as important as the city of Tokyo, the megalopolis plays a major role in the world economy as some of the most advanced technologies come from the high tech city. With a whopping 13,185,502 people living in the city walls Tokyo is home to some of the countries brightest and most innovative minds. People from around the world gather in the Tokyo just to take part in the many conventions that happen in the several auditoriums in the city. For many coming in Tokyo is part of their future plans, especially in the younger generations, so it seems the population of the grand city will likely only grow in the coming years. Visiting the "East Capital”, which is what Tokyo actually means, will be one of the best trips anyone can have in a seemingly crowded city.

4. Karachi, Pakistan - Population 13,052,000

KarachiA city less known in the world is Karachi in Pakistan but it is quickly growing and developing into one of the most world impacting cities in the country. The city has grown phenomenally in the last ten years and is now the main financial center of the country. It is also where the main seaport is located, which is one of the main reasons the population has reached 13,052,000 people. The country's citizens find their way of life in the great city much easier as work is abundant; the city is flowing with opportunity. It is amazing how large the city actually is, nearly 4 times larger than Hong Kong and it has adopted a similar name too. Karachi is known to its residents and surrounding city's as "the city of lights”. The city has many names, one of the most popular may be the name of Pakistan's great founder who made the city his home after independence from the British.

5. Guangzhou, China - Population 12,700,800

GuangzhouChina, being the most populated country on earth has many of the worlds most populated cities, the city Guangzhou is another city to add to the list under China's belt. Guangzhou comes in third place behind Beijing and Shanghai China. The city is one of the country's main transportation hubs and is just 75 miles north of Hong Kong. The city has a long standing history and it is widely noted in its historic architectures found throughout the city. The history dates back as far back as 206 BC, quite impressive to most, although it is not the oldest city in the great nation it is surely one of the most historically sound. The manufacturing region of the city is one of the main antagonists for the citys rapid growth, which rakes in a total revenue of 136 billion annually. Another key factor of that supplemented the growth rate was the tax reforms that took place in the 1990s.

6. Mumbai, India - Population 12,478,447

MumbaiIndia's most populated city is Mumbai; it is also India's leading financial centers. India in itself has become a major part in the global financial system mainly due to Mumbai's financial epicenter. It is actually quite compelling how a city that started as a simple fishing village centuries ago is now a megalopolis of over 12,478,447 people strong and rapidly becoming an integral part of the world exchange. The opportunities found in Mumbai attract community members from all around the country making it a culturally diverse city, with aspects of every Indian tradition known in the country. It is also the staging point of the Hindi Hollywood and the entertainment capital of the country. Contributing most to the citys expansion over the centuries is the giant natural harbor, which accounts for a large percentage of Indias exports and imports. The massive population brings together the Indian vibe, which makes the country so great.

7. Delhi, India - Population 11,007,835

DelhiFollowing right behind Mumbai is India's second largest city known as Delhi. The city was once the biggest most populated cities in the country but fell behind in the race for population growth as India as the financial industry started to take hold in the city of Mumbai. Delhi has been inhabited since the 2nd millennia BCE making it the oldest territory in the country and its written history goes back to the 6th century BCE. The unique architecture and plentiful opportunity is what made it progress through the years, the end result left the city with an outstanding population of 11,007,835 people. Although the city still grows, its rate has progressively slowed down over the last ten years. The city first gained its roots in 50 BC, when a king of the Mauryan Dynasty built the first structures in what is now Delhi. Delhi is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and this fact keeps visitors coming all year long foreign and domestic alike.

8. Sao Paulo, Brazil - Population 11,316,149

Sao PauloSao Paulo is Brazil's premier financial district and it is quickly making its reputation in the world stock exchange. The countrys miraculous beaches are just steps away from the citys center and not only do Brazilians come to the city on a regular basis but so do foreign travelers. As a matter of fact, many foreigners have moved to the city and made it their new home, this contributed in many ways to the huge population boom, which is now at 11,316,149 people. Foreigners and world recognized financial institutions have opened major headquarter in the city over the last ten years as well. A sight to see in the city is the way it comes to life at night, the whole area lights up and the night sky fills with greens reds and yellows. It is also a place that has many important landmarks of the country's cultural and spiritual heritage.

9. Moscow, Russia - Population 11,503,501

MoscowThe city in Russia that almost everyone in the world has heard of has to be by a landslide the city of Moscow, which is home to over 11,503,501 Russians and expats. The city is a main point in Russia in many areas of industry and everything political, economic, scientific and even educational. Surprisingly, Moscow has surpassed Americas New York City in the area of wealthy inhabitants as Moscow has over 70 billionaires within it walls. The Kremlin, which is home to the Russian Parliament, is located in Moscow and it is also recognized as a World Heritage Site. It is the only place in Russia that has a well developed transit system as well, there are over four international airport found in Moscow and nine railroads. The metro system has one of the longest underground tracks found in the world today, which has about 185 stops on its regular route.

10. Seoul, South Korea - Population 10,464,051

Seoul10,464,051 is the total number of people that now makes up the city of Seoul, South Korea, which actually means capital city and it is in fact the country's capital city. Sitting right on the Han River, Seoul has been a settlement for over two thousand years and it is currently the city with the most high-tech infrastructures in the world. Over a quarter of the country's total population makes their home in Seoul and the city also houses over 275,000 foreign residents. There are many things that attract people to the awesome city, it could be the historical sites that are set in the metropolis center or it could be the ever growing amount of highly wanted jobs at world renowned companies that can be found. Seoul is showing no signs of slowing down in growth and will probably only get bigger as the years pass and why would it? More than 22% of the country's total revenue comes from Seoul alone.

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