Top 10 Least Populated Countries
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1. Vatican - population 832

VaticanVatican is probably the most interesting country in the world, because it is a state into the city of Rome and it is a sovereign city-state. It is also the least populated country in the world with the phenomenal 832 citizens only! The total area of Vatican is only 44 acres, but we will not be wrong if we say that some of the greatest masterpieces of mankind are gathered in this small area! St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and The Vatican Library, where masters like Bramante, Michelangelo and Botticelli created their chefs-d'oeuvre, are just some of the places that one should definitely see in life. The gardens of Vatican are famous all over the world, they cover more than half of the territory of the country and their beauty is incomparable. On the contrary to the small area and the minimal number of population, Vatican is one of the most attractive places in the world!

2. Nauru - population 9,322

NauruIn the Southern part of the Pacific you can find one of the smallest countries in the world - Nauru. The Republic of Nauru is the smallest in the world and its population is 9,322 people. This is not a problem for the people, because they have quite a happy life on their island and it is not by chance that it was also called the "Pleasant Island". This is an amazing place, where people used to live quite well thanks to the phosphate mines they were exploring. Unfortunately when the mines were already exploited the country had to face some financial difficulties. But no matter what the economic conditions are the island remains one challenging place and it is rather interesting destination. Its main industry after mining was over is financial operations, as taxes there are really low and also tourism is a business that locals are now developing!

3. Tuvalu - population 10,544

TuvaluThe third least populated country in the world is Tuvalu and it is also located in the Pacific, close to the second one - the Republic of Nauru! Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country when it comes to territory, with 26 square kilometres and it consists of three different reef islands. This beautiful paradise is like a magnet attracting the tourists, who would like to spend their vacation in a nice place, surrounded by pristine beaches. The tourism in Tuvalu is very well developed and the accent is upon the Eco-tourism. Most of the people go to the main island of Tuvalu - Funafuti, because there is the only airport in the country. The wonderful nature and the variety of water sports available are not the only reason for people to choose this destination - the reefs are definitely some of the most interesting and divers from all over the world go there because of them. A Tuvalu vacation might be one of the best experiences in life.

4. Palau - population 20,956

PalauThe archipelago of Palau in the Pacific Ocean consists of more than two hundred islands but only about a dozen of them are inhabited. The population of a little more than twenty thousand people makes it the fourth least populated country in the world. The four main islands of the republic are Peleliu, Angaur, Babeldaob and Koror, the last one hosts more than half of the population of Palau. The islands are famous with their typically tropical climate and thanks to the regular rainfalls the nature is more than gorgeous. It is normal for such a beautiful piece of paradise to be a tourist attraction, because everybody dreams of a perfect beach, under the pleasant sun, a view of endless ocean and tropical greenness all around. Tourism is the main business for the country and for that reason it is so well developed - Palau is ready to welcome all the people who decided to have a tropical vacation there!

5. San Marino - population 31,887

San MarinoSan Marino is considered to be the smallest republic in the world and it is entirely surrounded by Italy. Located in the Italian peninsula, the total area of the country is only 61 square kilometres. Its population is a little more than 30 thousands of people and it makes it the fifth least populated country in the world. It is known that the country was established in 301 and this is also the country with the oldest constitution still in use! It is interesting to note that this small country is very well developed and the number of visitors is much higher than its own population. Many people feel attracted by the beautiful nature, Mediterranean climate and the possibility to cross it all and see every interesting site for just one day! Most of the people of course spend much more than just a day, because no matter the small size, the country has a lot of nice sites to offer!

6. Monaco - population 35,986

MonacoMonaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican and its location is more than attractive - it is bordered by France on three sides and on the other side is the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco does not have much of natural sources and this is why the country has developed really good tourism, and at the same time it is a paradise for the business, as the taxes are really low there. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Monaco and everybody, who has visited it, finds out that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world! As it has been a superb destination for a long time, we can say that it is not exactly suitable for a budget holiday, but everybody who has visited it will agree that it was worth it! This is a romantic place perfect for young couples, having in mind that champagne is something like a national drink!

7. Liechtenstein - population 36,010

LiechtensteinThe seventh least populated country in the world is the Alpine Principality of Liechtenstein. Surrounded by Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein has a total area of only one hundred and sixty square kilometres. The whole country is located in the Alps and it makes it one of the most beautiful mountain countries in the world. The beautiful nature of the most famous mountain in the world makes the landscape of the country more than gorgeous. It is interesting to note that there are very favourable conditions for business and this is why there are many companies registered there. Tourism is also very well developed and all mountain lovers could have a wonderful time exploring the beauty of the Alps! Those who enjoy skiing could find superb conditions on the picturesque mountain slopes and enjoy the hospitable attitude there!

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis - population 51,300

Saint Kitts and NevisThese two amazing Caribbean Tropical islands are the dreamed paradise for everyone, who enjoys being on a sunny beach, bathing in warm water, watching the sunset over the endless ocean and spending a holiday that will never forget surrounded by the gorgeous tropical nature. The fact that the country is in the list of the least populated in the world is not a problem for being one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. The two main islands Saint Kitts and Nevis are famous for the superb pristine beaches, the nice climate and magnificent tropical plants. There are several carnivals and feasts and there are many people to attend the country especially for those events. There are many options for water sports and tracking, but the most famous sport there remains cricket. People come to the islands to have a sunny tropical vacation, relax or enjoy some of the wonderful cultural events, no matter what the reason is result is always a great vacation.

9. Marshall Islands - population 68,000

Marshall IslandsThe Republic of Marshal Islands is located in the heart of the Pacific and consists of many picturesque green islands covered with tropical plants, surrounded by soft sand beaches and crystal blue water. This is the ninth country in the list of least populated, but definitely comes in some of the first places in the list of best vacation destinations. Except all the water sports and wonderful treks, there is an incomparable underwater beauty that divers could explore. The islands are famous all over the world for offering great touristic opportunities and they are one perfect escape for everybody feeling tired. The Marshal Islands are famous with their decision to create the biggest shark sanctuary - about 2 million square kilometres are a protected area, where sharks are protected by law and fishing sharks is forbidden. This is attractive for all scientists or enthusiasts, who admire them!

10. Dominica - population 72,660

DominicaDominica is located in The Caribbean area and is officially known as Commonwealth of Dominica. Its population is only a little more than seventy thousand people, but this is definitely the place with most beautiful and diverse nature in the whole region. This is a best destination for tracing, diving, exploring, sunbathing and swimming, exploring hot springs and even volcanic peaks. Going there is like buying a ticket to the Earth's paradise, because being welcomed of the kind people of Dominica, makes you feel at home. The place offers not only amazing time in the incomparable beaches, but many cultural events like festivals and traditional customs revealing the local culture and habits. This is the right place for people of all ages - young couples, families with kids and elders! Main industry there is tourism and this is why the level of services is extremely high. Dominica is one destination that should be taken into consideration, if the vacation you are planning is really special and you want to make it unforgettable!

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