Top 10 Busiest Cities
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1. New York

New YorkThe largest metropolis in all of the United States, New York is an emblem of the American dream and a symbol of the US capitalism, freedom and democracy. The city is home to nearly twenty-one million people from more than 180 nations, though it crowns the ranking of busiest cities not only because of the mind-blowing number of citizens it has. With the amazing opulence of excitement and hustle and bustle, the Big Apple has often been named the City than Never Sleeps. The streets are cramped with passing crowds, even after the stroke of midnight. Although the official language is English, you will probably hear hundreds of languages, spoken out and about. There is hardly any other area that has served as a décor to that many movies, music videos and ads. The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, Wall Street, Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building are only some of the iconic faces of New York that attract millions, eager to catch a glimpse of the American glamour!

2. Tokyo

TokyoWith a population of nearly thirty million people, the Japanese capital Tokyo is one of the largest and fussiest urban centres on the planet in contemporary times. While you may expect such a place to be cramped and stained by such commotion, the capital claims to be amongst the cleanest locations. Well- arranged and beautiful, it is believed to be the home of the most elegant and modern people. Besides being considered the highest populated metropolitan, the city is also the financial, educational, cultural and administrative core of Japan, as well as a huge industrial hub - many international corporate leaders have established headquarters in the capital. To top it up, Tokyo is brimful of tourist attractions - astounding monuments and numerous landmarks, combined with a melange of futuristic or traditional architecture and rich historical heritage, result in thousands of visitors, flocking in to enjoy one of the global capitals!

3. Moscow

MoscowThe central city of the Russian Federation is amongst the most populous locations of the continent, residence to around 10,500,000 capita. Moscow has been featured as the top expensive urban centres worldwide. It is the richest and most developed municipality in Russia and simply amazes with its colossal silhouette and size. The megalopolis also boasts the second largest and top loaded metro system, which serves more than nine million passengers daily and has about 180 stations. The metro is a primary means of transportation within the region, as car drivers risk to plunge in some legendary traffic jams.  Moscow is also amongst the best shopping destinations on the globe and is a magnet for tourists, seeking some luxurious shopping experience, provided by the up-scale facilities throughout the city. The cultural and historical vault of Russia, it has kept a vast array landmarks and architectural masterpieces that show the glory and grandness of the urban heart of Communism.

4. Hong Kong

Hong KongHong Kong is a perfect starting point for those who seek to behold the wonders and beauty of Mainland China. It offers a staggering mixture of skyscrapers in various building styles - supreme creations of the human mind, which stand to demonstrate the tireless strive to conquer any heights. Towers of glass, metal and concrete, many of which peaking more than two hundred meters into the sky, synchronize beautifully with the plentiful green parks and gardens. Alongside the general urban appeal, Hong Kong rates among the biggest international financial focal points on the planet. It is also lined beside the densest population sites ever, which essentially brought front the need of more concise construction and turned Hong Kong in the world's most vertical metropolis. The quality of life and level of development lure a raising number of new settlers, which is one of the factors that make the busiest in Asia, after Tokyo.

5. Mumbai

MumbaiWith an aggregation of residents that exceeds 22.8 million, Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is the central urban spot in the Maharashtra state and is certainly the richest city in all of India. The high standard of living draws in hundreds of thousands who move in from the countryside to search for better life in this cosmopolitan. It comes only natural that the greater part of the Indian economic power is concentrated here, together with the headquarters of prestigious institutions, such as the National Stock Exchange and the Central Bank. The local harbour is the biggest in western India and it accommodates about seventy per cent of the maritime trade of the region. With the increasing birth rates and influx of emigrants, Mumbai faces an even growing aggregation of populates in the near future, which, however, is accompanied by a widening income gap between wealthy and poor.

6. Beijing

BeijingChina's capital Beijing has an exceptional magnetism! What first captures the attention is the scale of things - everything here is big and impressive in size, shape and splendour. The city boasts incredible cultural treasures such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China - the only human creation, visible from space. Beijing's tremendous landmarks mark it amongst the favourite tourist locations in Asia, as millions of guests visit from all over the Earth every year to lay eyes on some of the best symbols of the early Asian civilizations. The metropolis itself is the beating economic heart of China, as it is a huge industrial and business engine that helps run the Nation's mechanisms. Unfortunately, over the years Beijing becomes very polluted, due to the augmented commercial activity and the immense number of auto-mobiles. A 2010 statistic shows that about five million cars could be counted on the highways daily. People who live and work in the Chinese capital have to constantly cope with the painstakingly persistent   poisonous smog that envelops the landscape.

7. London

LondonThe British capital London is crowned the largest financial centre on the globe, getting ahead even of NY. The biggest city in the European Union has a vast territory, stretching nearly 60 km from east to west. In fact, London occupies a domain larger than U.S. megalopolis. Today, this multifaceted city houses about 14,000,000 citizens and is only second to the Big Apple in ethnic diversity. In latest years, London appears to be the most desired place for living, studying, working and business on the old continent, as it has excellent infrastructure, business environment and lifestyle standard. With the great opportunities it offers, the municipality attracts emigrants not only from Europe, but from every corner of the world as well, leading to an ever increasing number of inhabitants.  London also has tremendous tourist attractions, such as the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye Ferris Wheel, and the famous Madame Tussauds Museum of wax figures.

8. Singapore

SingaporeProbably the best planned contemporary urban location, Singapore is certainly a cosmopolitan place like no other. Its Downtown Core is a stage to some of impressive engineering spectrum and bares the commercial, cultural and trading pulse of Malaysia. The Lion city is an explosion of urban vibe! Together with Hong Kong, Taiwan and North Korea, it forms the Four Asian tigers of the continent's economic momentum. One of the top industries in the region is tourism, as the city is a popular stop to about eight million visitors world-wide every year. In order to bring in an even keener foreign interest, the local government legalized gambling recently, which gives a bit of adventurous zest to the whole Singapore experience. The country-city provides its 4.6-million population with a living standard similar to that in Germany. The great wealth of the megalopolis is derived from high technology development, shipbuilding and the extremely important strategic location. Not to mention that the city has one of the most dynamic and busy ports of the world!

9. Chicago

ChicagoThe third biggest urban nucleus in the United States, Chicago serves as the Midwest country epicentre of culture, finance and commerce. Manufacturing and agricultural goods trade are the prevailing mechanics of the local business landscape, as the Chicago Board of Trade is claimed to be the biggest agricultural futures market on Earth. The city is also famed as a popular spot for art lovers and connoisseurs of engineering finesse, as it boasts a bountiful of attractions, such as the Field Museum of Natural History, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Jane Addams-Hull House Museum. Famous landmarks like the Navy Pier and the Willis Towers - the highest building on the planet, are just some other interesting accents in the astonishing Chicago skyline. Such diversity of monuments and places of interest, combined with the exceptional local nature of the Lake Michigan area, make the Chicago a cherished destination for both tourists and emigrants.

10. Frankfurt

FrankfurtFrankfurt is the economic capital of Germany. Undoubtedly one modern, lively and colourful site, it stands among the leading finance hubs on the continent, as it houses the headquarters of the European Central Bank. The auspicious geographical location of Frankfurt at the banks of the Maine River has turned the city into a transportation focus of national importance. According to an official statement from the renowned University of Liverpool, Frankfurt is the richest city in the European Union. As such, there is no way that the robust urbanization has not left a vibrant trace - Frankfurt houses many of the tallest buildings in continental Europe. The megalopolis has an affluent cultural life, shaped by copious places of interest, museums and galleries, combined with a great night-life. The plenteous skyscrapers, concentrated in the downtown site, earned Frankfurt the nickname "Mainehatan", making connection with the eponymous modern neighbourhood of New York.

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Steward Jones on 16 Feb 2012
I must admit that youр list impressed me. I travel a lot and I think you managed to define well the busiest cities. New York especially at a rush hour is a real nightmare!
Merry Howard on 17 Feb 2012
I am one of the people who always complain of traffic, fuss and noise, but i can not spend even one day out the big buzy city...

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