Top 10 Travel Spots in Venezuela
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1. Angel Falls

Angel FallsDeep in Canaima National Park in Venezuela there are the highest falls in the world - Angel Falls, named after Jimmy Angel - an American aviator! The meaning of this name is absolutely suitable for the falls, because their beauty is like not from the earth, but coming from heaven! Thousands of tourists go to see that amazing view, deep in the green forests of the park, where innumerable species live and countless different plants can be found. Definitely the jewel of the park is the waterfall, because the very sight of the blue water falling from such a height - 979 meters, and the amazing landscape of natural beauty is something that visitors can never forget!

2. Sand Dunes, Medanos de Coro National Park

Medanos de Coro National ParkOne of the most amazing places to see in Venezuela is the Medanos de Coro National Park! Beyond the imagination, in this tropical place there is a real piece of desert - sand dunes that cannot be found anywhere else. What is most weird about them is that the dunes can reach 40 meters of height and disappear as quickly as they were formed. The reason for this change is the permanent wind blowing there; it is the cause of this unbelievable creation of nature. Going to see the sand dunes is a unique experience, because they transform all the time and you can never see one and the same twice!

3. Margarita Island

Margarita IslandMore famous as "The Pearl of Caribbean", Margarita Island is definitely one of the best places for a sunny vacation in the world. This place with indescribable natural beauty and tropical landscape combined with beautiful mountains is able to charm even the most sceptic visitors. Going there people should be prepared to find the most impressive beaches, surrounded by nature so gorgeous that it is even hard to be described! Activities could range from lying on the golden sand and swimming in the blue crystal water, to diving, riding, wind surfing and even horse riding! In two words, there is no way to feel bored in this gorgeous island, created with the only purpose to provide the most perfect vacation!

4. Canaima National Park

Canaima National ParkThis place in Venezuela is maybe one of the most famous tourist destinations and attracts many people with its unbelievable uniqueness! Canaima was pronounced for a National Park in 1962 and it definitely provides sights that could be seen nowhere else in the world. Most noticeable creation of nature there are the "table" mountains, called like this because of their flat, table-like tops. Called by the natives "tepuis", these mountains were formed thanks to the natural forces from sandstone and continue to be a site of great scientific interest. Canaima National Park inspired many people and there are even novels ("The Lost World" by Conan Doyle) written about this place, so going to Venezuela, you must include a visit to it!

5. Mount Roraima

Mount RoraimaAnother unique part of Venezuela is the Roraima Mountain. This gorgeous mountain, with its flat top is absolutely one of a kind and definitely deserves to be among the top ten destinations in this beautiful country. Going up to the mountain top reveals a sight that is worth the long climbing up - it will be remembered for life! As climbing could be a problem for some tourists, there are amazing helicopter rides available for everybody who does not want to miss one of the best views in Venezuela. The mountain looks like taken from an ancient legend and provokes the imagination in a very romantic way!

6. Los Roques National Park

Los Roques National ParkLos Roques National Park was one of the widest marine parks and a fishing region, long before it turned into a preferable tourist destination. This amazing archipelago was pronounced a National Park in 1972 because natural treasures like corals, mangroves and the whole Eco-system should be protected and saved! Diving is one of the most popular water sports there, because the underwater world is able to astonish even the most trained divers with its colourful flora and fauna! The crystal waters offer one of the most pleasant sights and also incomparable experience of the swimmers! This National Park is the perfect destination for a Caribbean vacation with a romantic and adventurous scent!

7. Caribbean Islands

Caribbean IslandsThere is no question why The Caribbean Islands are called "the Paradise on Earth", because this place is definitely touched by the generous hand of the Nature. This is one of the world's most famous vacation destinations and the reason for this is nothing else, but the amazing beaches with golden sands and endless blue water. The unique tropical nature and the smiley faces meeting the visitors are the best beginning of an unforgettable holiday! The islands are suitable for families and adventurers, for elders and young - there is no one who would not feel happy here!

8. Caracas

CaracasSituated by the Avila Mountain, the capital of Venezuela Caracas is one of the most populated cities - over 4 million citizens live there. It is a historical, political, economic and cultural centre of the country and there are a lot of places to visit and things to do there. The city is built at about 900 meters over the sea level and this makes the climate absolutely unique. Caracas offers interesting sites, wonderful collection of finest museums and art exhibitions that will catch the attention of even the most pretentious art experts and at the same time there are numerous opportunities to explore the night life of the this sleepless city!

9. Delta of Orinoco River

Delta of Orinoco RiverThe Delta of one of the most magnificent rivers in the World - Orinoco, is one of the few places on Earth, with untouched natural beauty and going there is an experience that will remain in your mind for your whole life. The gorgeous jungle around and the various wildlife consisting of innumerable flora and fauna species, offers the tourists sights that could be seen nowhere else. There are many guided tours and cruises that will take the inexperienced nature lovers to all the places of the delta, which are accessible! There is nothing that could be compared with the virgin beauty of the tropical forest there!

10. Merida Cable Car

Merida Cable CarThe cable car of Merida is an attraction, famous in Venezuela as much as the Vatican in Rome! The long ride is divided into four sections and the total length is 12.5 kilometres. This is a totally incomparable experience! It reaches the height of 4765 meters, which is also a record! Each of the stations offers the adventurers to have some rest, get used to the altitude and enjoy the breath-taking views! There is no feeling like this - to pass through different landscapes and finally reach the snowy Mirror Peak, so dress well, take a camera and just go!

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Clair Anders on 23 Jan 2012
Ah, Venezuela a place in my wish list! You gave me great ideas!
jelrose dumaloan on 02 Jul 2012
Very amazing place! Hoping to visit there very soon...

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