1. Texas State Capitol, Austin

Texas State CapitolTexas State Capitol in Austin is definitely the most emblematic place to see in Texas. This gorgeous building rises proudly with its height of 94 meters and fascinates the observer with its beautiful architecture in Italian Renaissance style. The building hosts the governor and the legislation offices and is furnished in gorgeous style with many portraits and sculptures of all the previous governors of Texas and the presidents of the Texas Republic. The State Capitol, which was originally built in 1888, has been enlarged and renovated in the years, and is in the list of the National Historic Landmarks!

2. Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro CanyonPalo Duro Canyon is another majestic place in Texas that tourists definitely must see! Unlike the State Capitol this beauty was created by nature and it is a miracle which will impress everybody with its uniqueness. Palo Duro Canyon system is located close to Amarillo and with its dimensions is the second largest canyon in USA - this is why the name "Grand Canyon of "Texas" is absolutely deserved! There are many caves in the canyon but most significant formation is definitely the Lighthouse Peak, which is maybe the first stop of the tourists!

3. The Alamo, San Antonio

The AlamoAlamo is definitely one of the most attractive places in Texas - it is visited by more than 2 million people every year and this number is increasing. This historical complex contains artefacts and exhibits more than 300 years of history. Of course the main accent is upon the battle at Alamo, where the defenders opposed bravely to the attack of Santa Anna. Although they fell eventually, their sacrifice for the liberty will always be remembered and people will know Alamo as a symbol of freedom and courage!

4. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National ParkAll nature-lovers will not miss the great opportunity to adore the beauty of the National Park Big Bend. In this vast area, protected by law, can be seen many different plants and animal species - especially birds and reptiles. Many interesting artefacts and fossils have been found in the park's area of 3242 square kilometres. Tourists could enjoy not only the nature beauty, but also find interesting facts about the inhabitants of the area - Indians and Native Americans, who have lived there and left many signs of their unique culture. Big Bend National Park is a place that attracts many people with its historical sites and nature beauty!

5. Congress Avenue Bridge and the bats, Austin

Congress Avenue Bridge and the batsCongress Avenue Bridge is an absolutely impressive structure, which cannot be missed by tourists. This arch bridge was originally built in 1960, but afterwards it was renamed in honour of Ann W. Richards, a resident of Austin and 45th Texas governor. The bridge is famous and as a home of the largest bat colony in a city - there are about 1.5 million bats that arrive there and inhabit the space under the bridge every summer. There is possibility to view them by the sidewalks of the bridge or even have a boat tour!

6. Caverns of Sonora

Caverns of SonoraCaverns of Sonora, nearby the town of Sonora Texas, is definitely the most beautiful cave in the whole state and also one of the most attractive caves in the world. This miracles cave has absolutely gorgeous crystal formations and helictites and attracts many tourists and admirers. People arrived to enjoy this beauty, have possibility to explore the cave with one of the tour groups, guided by specialists. The other fact that makes the cave so interesting to scientists and tourists is that it is still active - the formations continue to increase and develop!

7. Enchanted Rock

Enchanted RockEnchanted Rock is situated close to Fredericksburg in Texas and attracts visitors with its unbelievable pink colour. This gorgeous rock formation is granite and this is the reason for its strange colour. The dimensions of the grand formation are also impressive - area of 260 hectares and height of 556 meters. The majestic rock attracts not only with its geological uniqueness but also and with the interesting myths and legends of the Indian tribes, so there are many stories that only increase its charm!

8. Lady Bird Lake, Austin

Lady Bird LakeLady Bird Lake is artificial lake, created with the purpose to control the waters of the Colorado River. It is absolutely gorgeous and impressive with the vast water surface - 416 acres! The lake is very attractive and there numerous hotels and villas built on its shores, that allow the tourists enjoy the magnificent view. There are so many activities that the lake region offers, and visitors will definitely enjoy their stay. There is also the Auditorium Shores - a public park beside the lake shores!

9. Tower of the Americas, San Antonio

Tower of the AmericasIn San Antonio there is one of the most significant sites - The Tower of Americas. The unbelievable height of 750 feet makes it absolutely impressive and one of the most visited observation towers - it is the second tallest in USA! There is also a restaurant with one of the most breath-taking views and tourists can enjoy having a dinner while observing the beautiful view! The Tower was built in 1968 and was the tallest at that time, but even in second place today it still attracts many people!

10. Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas

Sixth Floor MuseumIn Dallas Texas is the famous Sixth Floor Museum, which is maybe the most unique museum in the world - dedicated to the life and death of one person - John F. Kennedy. The museum is placed exactly on the spot where the murderer of the president - Lee Harvey Oswald stayed! There are exhibitions telling about the life of John Kennedy, his political career and eventually his violent death that turned to be a tragedy for the whole American nation! Being in Dallas it is absolutely obligatory to visit the Museum on the Sixth Floor!

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3 Responses to Top 10 Must See Places in Texas, USA

Amanda Hodge on 23 Dec 2011
Great top 10, my home Texas is wonderful place! You have picked the greatest ones!
Jilly Raynolds on 28 Dec 2011
I agree with Amanda, Texas is the most beautiful place on Earth, that since 5 years I also call home! Welcome everybody!
Dot Yufer on 31 Dec 2011
I think the UT MacDonald Observatory should definitely been includedl

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