1. Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita IslandOn the northern shore of Venezuela there is the little piece of paradise, called Margarita Island. It can offer beaches for any taste and demands - deep or shallow, full of people or not, with hot or colder water, with or without waves... The island offers also and a lot of interesting places for sightseeing, like churches, castles and unbelievably beautiful nature, which can take your breath away. There is an interesting thing for everyone, because the place is tourist centre and is prepared to meet the needs of the guests. It is one of the best choices to have a tropical holiday in December, but if you do not have reservations, you should hurry up, because in December it is almost impossible to find available rooms!

2. Guatemala

GuatemalaIf you wonder what to plan for the cold and boring December, before Christmas, you can plan a trip to Guatemala, because December is the season for feasts and celebrations there! An interesting place all over the year with its amazing nature, the volcano Pacaya and Maya heritage, in December Guatemala is full of life. The traditional "burning of the Devil" holiday is on the 7th of December, after that, between the 13th and 21st of December there are the celebrations for St. Tomas which happen to be great holidays with fireworks and all the fun! Guatemala is a very good choice if you have no patience for the Christmas holidays, so you can just go and start the fun right now!

3. Vietnam

VietnamVietnam is definitely a destination tempting travellers all year, but why dont you plan a small December journey there. The country is blessed with some of the most impressive nature in the world and everyone could enjoy the beauty of mountains or the one of a kind coast line. Life there is also so colourful, vivid and interesting that if you go there once, there will be definitely a second trip after wards, and a third... The big cities are full of life in December attracting tourists with numerous different ways to spend their time! In December the country is a wonderful choice to travel, sightsee and have fun!

4. Nigeria

NigeriaThere is maybe not a better destination in December than Africa, the colourful life and the nice weather attract us all the time, but especially in the cold winter. So for December Nigeria offers a great hospitality and amazing sights! This is a challenging place where you can find absolutely everything - ultra modern accommodation in a big city or you can meet native people who still adore their ancient traditions and Gods, amazing nature and deserted places... Nigeria has some interesting feasts and one of them is exactly on the 25th and 26th of December - the Lekki show is a world famous musical feast, which gathers more than 100,000 people!

5. South Africa

South AfricaSouth Africa is also another dream destination, which no one would deny visiting! This charming place can leave anyone breathless, because the nature wonders there are unique! The mountains, forests, beaches and even the deserts, with their extraordinary flora and fauna, where adventurers can organize an unforgettable safari or just go with a camera and make the photos of their life... South Africa is also a not expensive place, where vacation is absolutely affordable and you can receive best accommodation for a cheap price, so do not miss the chance and enjoy!

6. Peru

PeruPeru is one of the most charming and attractive places in the world. The heritage from the Inca Empire and the world famous Machu Picchu are the first ideas coming to mind, but there is much more. In Peru travellers can visit about 180 historical sites and museums, each of them offering one of a kind artefacts, costumes, traditions and stories... Its nature is also unique as 20% of the birds in the world live there, so every nature-lover would be happy to be there. In December, Peru is one of the most preferable destinations, with its feasts, rich history and amazing nature!

7. Costa Rica

Costa RicaCosta Rica is one of the most preferable destinations in the world. The main resource of the country is the nature, which is absolutely breathtaking, so almost one third of the territory of Costa Rica is protected. Tourism is the main business there, so visitors will always feel welcome and can count on any kind of attractions and interesting things to do. This tropical paradise, where you can see dolphins, whales, different turtles and even sharks, offers all kinds of water sports, which will make you come again and again, and experience the thrill, so why not have this all in the long and cold December!

8. Dominican Republic

Dominican RepublicDominican Republic is a place where everybody should consider a vacation, and December is a month, when a vacation is always welcome! The annual temperature of 25°C is tempting everyone to run away from the cold and snow and have a nice time among the fabulous nature of the Dominican Republic! The Dominican Republic is a neighbour to Haiti on the island of Hispaniola and the nature there is absolutely unique, there are many national parks with many different species inhabiting them! Going to Dominican Republic is a present that everybody would be happy to receive!

9. Laos

LaosGoing to Asia is also a very interesting choice for December and Laos is the place where most people decide to have a vacation. Laos is an ancient country with rich culture. About 3/4 of its territory is covered with rain forests, which attract all adventurers, who love nature, to go and see the amazing animals and plants there. If travellers are interested in the culture, they could visit one of the numerous museums, temples and learn much about the traditions of the place. In December is the best time to visit Laos, because then it is not too hot and the rain season is over, so you could enjoy a pleasant weather and also the traditional feasts organized there!

10. Oman

OmanA part of the Arabic Peninsula, Oman is a scenic country with interesting traditions. Oman starts to improve its tourist services, because one of the main sources of the country is its beautiful nature, so development of tourism is obligatory. Even if Oman is not as famous as Dubai, for example, it is a destination many people would chose, especially in December! There are numerous places to visit in Oman and big cities offer tourists' routs and luxury accommodation, so nobody will feel bored there!

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2 Responses to Top 10 Best Places to Visit in December

Joan Collins on 07 Dec 2011
Wonderful selection. I have already visited some of these places and they are all pieces of heaven. I recommend you considering the option to spend your Christmas holiday in Venezuela for example - you will be impressed for sure!
Laura Wright on 09 Dec 2011
Yeah, Venezuela is great place but I think going to South Africa will be quite an adventure for Christmas Eve or may be Oman. Too bad it's late for booking...

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