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Vacation Homes is and easy-to-use online
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to stay, and helps hosts to find those travelers.

Vacation HomesWhat VacationHomes is All About

Vacation Homes is an easy-to-use online platform that helps travelers find private places to stay, and helps hosts to find those travelers. People seeking a room to let for a long weekend, a flat to rent for a month or two, or even a home or a villa for an extended vacation can find what they are looking for when they browse VacationHomes listings. Travelers can find accommodation anywhere in the world - in cities and in rural, out-of-the-way places as well, no matter what their budget. Its a win-win system that gives travelers a unique experience and hosts more business. Whats not to like about that?

Browse, Book and Go

Vacation Homes makes it easy to browse for and find the perfect property rental. The hardest part is choosing from among all the fantastic options in exciting places.

Find your place by searching for properties all over the world. Select the dates you would like and other preferences and browse whats available. Ask questions, compare prices, then pick your favorite place.

Make a Booking for the property you have chosen.  Within 24 hours your host will accept your booking ... and your dream trip will be confirmed. You and your host can then arrange all the details and you will soon be on you way.

Go to an exciting new place and experience a new way of traveling that will change how you feel about hotels forever. Once you return home, write a review of your stay to share with other travelers.

Start Getting Bookings Right Away

Free registration and listings make Vacation Homes the preferred platform for property owners and managers from all over the world. Managing listings has never been easier, and you can upload photos and other media, attracting even more travelers.

Control of the bookings by accepting or declining reservations, is entirely in the hands of the hosts.

Welcome guests as soon as you get your first booking - you will get paid 24 hours after they check in. Write a review to keep the cycle going, and you will be ready for your next guests and payment before you know it!


Vacation Homes connects hosts and guests from all over the world.

It can be really frustrating when you know you have a great place for rent, but no one can find your website or listing. That’s why I’m so satisfied with VacationHomes.net. The search filters allow people to find the exact place they are looking for – mine!
— Jann V.
It is getting harder and harder to afford international travel, which happens to be one of my favourite things to do. Now that I have discovered VacationHomes.net, I can take up my hobby again and not spend a fortune. Plus, there are so many interesting places to visit!
— Charlotte T.
With a site like VacationHomes.net making travel so easy, you will never spend a vacation in a hotel again. We loved all the space we had in our rental property, and it was so nice to be able to stay in and cook instead of only eating at restaurants all the time.
— Lia S. and Matt S.
I was skeptical at first, I’ll admit it – how could a service like VacationHomes.net be free? But now I’m a convert and I recommend it to all my friends who are looking to get their listings in front of a larger audience and boost their bookings.
— Nicholas P.
Listing properties with VacationHomes.net was the single best business move I made last year. I saw my bookings increase immediately, all thanks to how easy it is for people to find my listings.
— Sean M.
I don’t know what I ever did without VacationHomes.net. Now I don’t have to go through complicated reservation and booking processes because the site is so easy to use. My favourite part about VacationHomes.net? It’s free!
— John M.
I have traveled all over the world and have grown tired of the ever-increasing cost of hotel rooms, especially in larger cities. Booking with VacationHomes.net has allowed me and my family to visit places that we could never afford otherwise. Thank you, VacationHomes.net!
— James R.
I struggled to find people to let my properties because I didn’t want to pay expensive subscriptions for other property listing sites. But on VacationHomes.net, I don’t have to, which means that my business is doing better than ever.
— Maria G.
VacationHomes.net has helped me organize and manage my listings better than I ever could have on my own. Guests are able to find my properties so much more easily now - its amazing what a change VacationHomes.net has made for my business.
— Roberto A.
The best thing about VacationHomes.net is the abundance of incredible properties! The hardest part about using the site is choosing from all the great places on offer. The rest is totally effortless. I highly recommend a VacationHomes.net holiday.
— Chris F.
Traveling can always be fraught with worries about expenses and where to stay. My husband and I wanted to experience Europe as guests instead of staying in the typical tourist spots. VacationHomes.net helped us to have a wonderful trip!
— Jenny C.
I wasnt sure what to expect when booking my holiday with VacationHomes.net. But I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. The whole process was easy and quick, and I ended up having a great time and really enjoyed the home I booked.
— Mark D.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

VacationHomes.net (hereafter referred to as 'VacationHomes', 'we', 'us', 'our' or 'the Site') is the provider of a platform available online which matches owners and managers of rental properties with guests who are looking to rent a property (called 'Services'). Such Services are available at VacationHomes.net, the Site. By using the Site, you (the 'User') are agreeing to comply with the General Terms and Conditions (Terms), heretofore described, of the Site and are therefore legally bound by these General Terms and Conditions even if you do not register as a Member of the Site. The General Terms and Conditions outline how Users can access and use the Site and the Services and constitutes a binding legal agreement between the User and VacationHomes. It is important that Users read these General Terms and Conditions carefully along with the Sites Privacy Policy. If there is anything outlined in these General Terms and Conditions with which you are not in agreement and therefore with which you do not intend to comply, you, the User, are not authorized to use the Services of the Site. Nor do we authorize you to obtain information from the Site. Failure to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of the Site could result in criminal and civil penalties.
Key Definitions:

'VacationHomes Content' refers to all Content that VacationHomes publishes or provides access to through the Site or Services, exclusive of Member Content (Defined Below).
'Collective Content' refers to VacationHomes Content and Member Content.
'Content' refers to graphics, images, software, text, video, audio, music, or information on the Site.
'User' refers to a user of the Site regardless of whether he or she has registered with the Site.
'Member' refers to a User who has registered as a Member in order to complete a booking on the Site.
'Property Owner' refers to a Member who has created a listing which will appear on the Site. A Member has completed the process of Account Registration and all Property Owners must be Members.
'Member Content' refers to content that a Member has posted, published, submitted or transmitted through the Site or Services, and includes but is not limited to text, graphics, images, video and other materials for which the Member is solely responsible.
'Taxes' or 'Tax' refers to sales taxes, goods and services taxes (GST), value added taxes (VAT) and any other local, state, municipal or federal taxes that might apply during a booking or transaction.
YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT BY USING THE SITE OR SERVICES, SUCH AS POSTING OR DOWNLOADING ANY CONTENT TO OR FROM THE SITE, YOU ARE SIGNIFYING THAT YOU HAVE READ THROUGH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THEM AND AGREE TO THEM EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A REGISTERED MEMBER OF VACATIONHOMES.NET. IF YOU ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH THESE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS THEN YOU ARE PROHIBITED FROM ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE AND ITS COLLECTIVE CONTENT. If you agree to these Terms and Conditions on the behalf of a legal entity or company, you demonstrate that you have the legal authority to bind that legal entity or company to these Terms and Conditions, and therefore "User” and/or "Member” in such a case will be used to refer to that legal entity or company.

1. VacationHomes Services

1.1 The website VacationHomes.net is a platform that is available online. Users - persons or businesses represented by legally authorized persons - can browse listings for rental properties on the Site.
1.2 A User who registers on the Site by completing the registration process and whose registration has been approved by the VacationHomes.net team can post rental property listings, publish Member Content (defined above) and make a booking for properties listed by other Members. Users cannot make a booking until they become registered Members.
1.3 VacationHomes offers a platform with which Members can post content and make offers of properties which they wish to make available for rent to other Members. An agreement to rent a property occurs solely between the Member posting a rental property listing and the Member seeking to rent a property. VacationHomes neither posts listings nor makes offers for listings. Futhermore, VacationHomes is not a party to the agreement made between Members regarding a rental property, and the fulfillment of such an agreement is the sole responsibility of the Members who have entered into such an agreement.
1.4 VacationHomes does not verify the existence, accuracy, completeness or legality of the content posted in listings by Members of the Site. VacationHomes is not legally responsible nor liable for listings and content of third parties.

2. Registration Process, Agreement Formation, Declaration of Legal Transactions

2.1 In order to use the Services provided by the Site, Users must register to become a Member. Otherwise, a user is limited to browsing and accessing content and listings on the Site, but cannot make a bid or a booking. Registration has no charge but requires the User to read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions (Terms) of the Site. When the User registers on the Site, VacationHomes will send an email to the email address specified by the User; this constitutes an Agreement between the User and VacationHomes such that the User becomes a Member and is entitled to use the Services of the Site. There is no legal obligation to enter into such an Agreement, but if not entered into the User will not become a Member.
2.2 Registration is offered to unrestricted, natural persons with legal capacity, legal persons and legal partnerships. Users must be 18 to register as a Member of VacationHomes. In the Registration Process, no families or married couples may be listed as applying for Membership. Individuals only will be extended Membership.
2.3 The User agrees to provide current, accurate and complete information during the Registration Process. The information required is noted in the registration form and the User will not be granted Membership if this information is not provided. Multiple registrations by the same User with varying Member names is strictly prohibited. Users attempting to register multiple Member names will not be approved for Membership. Users will choose a User Name and Password, which may not contain an email or web address, and may not be harmful to the rights of others. The User Name and Password will be activated once the Registration of the Member is approved by VacationHomes.
2.4 VacationHomes reserves to right to declare Agreements and other transactions (such as messages confirming Registration, changes to the General Terms and Conditions, etc.) by email.

3. Member Requirements and Obligations Regarding Membership and System Integrity

3.1 The Member is required to keep information posted in rental property listings accurate and current. If there is a change to the status, price or other vital information about the rental property, the Member must correct it as soon as possible. A Membership cannot be transferred nor can it be inherited.
3.2 The Member is required to ensure that his or her Membership on the Site is not used by anyone other than him or herself. User Names and Passwords should not be shared.
3.3 Members are Liable for any Member account activity while the account is in use.
3.4 If a Member becomes aware of a third partys use of his or her Membership or have acquired knowledge of the Members User Name and Password for the Site, the Member must notify VacationHomes Customer Service Department. The Customer Service Department will have the Membership Account suspended until the issue can be resolved. Members are responsible for any and all expenses incurred prior to the Membership Accounts suspension, unless deemed the fault of VacationHomes.
3.5 Identification of Members is not conducted by VacationHomes during the Registration Process and therefore the Site is not responsible for the false identification of a Member. Members enter into Agreements to book rental properties at their own risk.
3.6 Neither Users nor Members have the right to block any Collective Content generated by the Site. Nor do they have the right to modify, change or interfere in any way with the Services offered by VacationHomes. VacationHomes has the ability to install any measures necessary to ensure the integrity of the systems on the Site.
3.7 Users and Members are responsible for archiving any information deemed necessary for use as evidence or for accounting purposes. This information must be stored on an independent medium from the Site.

4. Use of the Site and Compliance with the Law and Existing Rights

4.1 The Member is obligated to correctly and completely describe the rental property being offered in each listing. There are mandatory pieces of information that must be provided in the fields of the listing during the process of posting a listing. Costs associated with deposits, cleaning, etc. are not determined by us, but by the Members themselves. See Cancellation Policies for information regarding fees associated with cancellation.
4.2 Members must abide by all applicable laws when using the Site and Services.
4.3 Members are solely responsible for the legality of the rental property listings offered on the Site.
4.4 Members are forbidden from using information provided in listings that is intended for informational purposes and should be used to form Agreements between Members for any other use, such as selling, re-publishing or advertising purposes, unless there is agreement between the Members for the use of information.
4.5 All Content on the Site is protected. It is prohibited for any User or Member to copy or distribute Content without permission of the content owner, whether VacationHomes or a Member.

5. Member and User Responsibilities, Legal Obligation of VacationHomes

5.1 Members are responsible for all Member Content that he or she uploads to the Site, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, music, audio and video. Member Content may not be injurious to any existing third party rights, including copyrights and personality rights.
5.2 Members and Users exempt VacationHomes from claims of a third party that are made against VacationHomes due to the violation of the Terms, posting of Content or conduct of Members, including fees for legal representation and costs associated with court appearances.

6. Usage Rights

6.1 When Members submit Member Content, they are granting rights to VacationHomes in the following capacity:
database and archival rights: these refers to the storage of information and data and the digitizing for information for storage purposes on all forms of storage media that are currently known.
distribution and reproduction rights: these rights refer to the right of VacationHomes to store content (defined above) and to distribute said content in part or in full in any medium.
editorial rights: these rights refer to the right of VacationHomes to conduct an editorial process on content, including reducing or changing content as needed to fit into required fields.

7. Changes to the Site

7.1 Members and Users have the right to access and use the platform provided by VacationHomes except in instances that we deem it necessary to restrict access to maintain the Sites integrity and Services, for maintenance or if a serious breech of the Terms has been detected. VacationHomes will notify Members prior to any restrictions of access on our part.
7.2 We reserve the sole right to alter the appearance and structure of the Site.

8. Rental Property Listings, Entering into an Agreement between Members, Provision of Rental Property, Commissions, Cancellations

8.1 When a Member lists a rental property on the Site, the Member is inviting other Members to make a bid for the listed property according to the provisions of the listing. Members can bid on properties within the Site, simply clicking a button, which enacts an offering. If that Members bid is accepted within the period of 24 hours,  a rental agreement is entered into by both the renting and the providing Members. If the bid is not accepted within the same period, there is no binding agreement.
8.2 VacationHomes notifies Members when they have entered into an Agreement through the Site, either as the provider of the property or as the bidding party. The conditions of the property rental will be outlined in the email sent to notify Members. The term of the rental and the total price will be included in the notification. The total price will include the Commission Fee due to VacationHomes. Any agreements in terms of amounts for deposit or cost of cleaning the property are not the responsibility of VacationHomes and are entered into between Members only.
8.3 Members are then responsible for paying the total cost to VacationHomes, which receives the payment for the property provider from the Member who is renting the property. Members can make this payment through PayPal or by credit card. When the rental agreement concludes, the payment will be debited and VacationHomes will keep the payment in an escrow account on behalf of the Member providing the rental property. If the total cost is not paid in full, the Member will be liable for the additional costs payable to VacationHomes as long as it is his or her failure to pay. Members providing a property will not include any additional charges after the Agreement has been entered into.
8.4 Registering to become a Member of VacationHomes is free of charge, nor is there a fee for posting a listing or bidding on a property. If two Members enter into a rental agreement which resulted from brokering or provable service that has taken place on the Site, the Member listing the property must pay a processing fee due to VacationHomes. .
8.5 The commission that is due to VacationHomes must be paid when the rental agreement is concluded, using the same methods available for paying the total cost - PayPal or credit card . VacationHomes will debit the total cost, including the rental fee that is administered by escrow. If the recovery of the debt is a failure, the Member will be liable for reimbursement to VacationHomes for any costs above the original cost that are incurred do to his or her failure.
8.6 Members may not assign claims of fees or dues to third parties.
8.7 Members must abide by VacationHomes fee structure, as applicable.
8.8 VacationHomes retains the right to change the commission fees associated with Member bookings or processing through the Site and its Services. We will notify Members by email if there will be any changes made to the fee structure or schedule.
8.9 The booking Member herewith gives permission to VacationHomes to pay the total cost of the rental, less the commission fee, 24 hours after the booking Members stay begins, with the moneys paid to VacationHomes by the booking Member. The booking Member has the right to rescind the payment if he or she is not satisfied with the condition of the rental property, i.e. if it is not in the state indicated in the Rental Agreement. In this case, a statement of withdrawal must be sent to VacationHomes in a reasonable period of time.
8.10 VacationHomes has no liability in terms of a property Tax or Taxes associated with any listing on the Site.
8.11 Members who are listing a property for rent must make the property available for the agreed-upon amount of time that the renting Member has indicated in the Agreement.
8.12 Members posting a listing for a rental property on VacationHomes may not post information that is not relevant to the property in questions. All details provided in the listing must apply to the property identified in the listing. Members are not allowed to advertise other properties or other services within the listing for any property on the Site.
8.13 Any links within a Members listing must pertain to the property in question.
8.14 If one of the Member parties must cancel a booking, the terms of the relevant cancellation policy must be abided by.

9. Reviewing Process

9.1 The Site permits Members to submit a review of a property that they have booked and visited. VactionHomes does not edit the content of the reviews. Members receiving a review of his or her property are not able to edit the content of the reviews.
9.2 Members submitting a review for publication once he or she has rented a property are required to provide only truthful information in the review. Reviews must be honest and objective and may not be defamatory in nature.
9.3 Members using the review process for any other purpose will be prohibited from submitting future reviews. Members posting listings may not write a review about his or her own listing, only properties which he or she has actually rented.
9.4 All Users and Members can view reviews that have been posted on the Site. We will not alter content of a review, but neither will we publish a review that is deemed defamatory or against the Terms. VacationHomes is not responsible for the content of the reviews posted on the Site. The reviews are permanently stored in the Members profile.
9.5 If a Member has used the review process in an abusive or irresponsible manner, we reserve the right to remove those reviews from the Site. Infringement of the Review Process has occurred if a review includes:
obscene, racist, vulgar or defamatory remarks.
personal information of another Member, including email addresses, telephone numbers, names, and phone numbers, etc.
comments pertaining to a criminal investigation or an investigation of another Member by VacationHomes.
scripts or links.
inadvertent negative comments about a Member (VacationHomes Customer Service should be contacted in such a situation).
text or information from a Member whose membership has been suspended.
9.6 VacationHomes will remove a review if both parties (Members) are in agreement about its removal.

10. Memberships and Termination/Cancellation

10.1 The Membership Agreement runs indefinitely once the registration process has been completed. Members may notify VacationHomes by email or by calling Customer Service if they wish to terminate a membership agreement.
10.2 If a Member terminates his or her membership, any rental agreements that have been entered into and are not yet completed are still legally binding. VacationHomes is not responsible for Agreements once a Member has canceled his or her membership.
10.3 VacationHomes may terminate a membership if we have deemed that the Member is in noncompliance with the Terms or if a serious breach has occurred. VacationHomes will notify the Member if his or her membership has been terminated or blocked. If a Member has been notified several times about a breach of the Terms, VacationHomes retains the right to terminate his or her membership without prior notification.
10.4 The right of VacationHomes to terminate a membership based on just cause, in addition to the agreed-upon individual rights of the Member are no affected. VacationHomes has just cause in the following cases:
if the Member has not complied with a significant obligation of payment in part or in whole, even after a reminder email has been sent to the Member-defined email address with a realistic deadline;
if the Member violates the Member responsibilities and obligations outlined in these Terms, and disregards a reminder with an appropriate deadline to take proper action to remediate the problem. A reminder notification from VacationHomes is unnecessary if the breach is significantly serious or if a notification is deemed not promising or if abiding by the agreement would unreasonably restrict VacationHomes. A serious breach, therefore, is considered to have occurred after the Member responsibilities have been regularly violated. If the Member has received numerous warnings for the same violation, the offense will escalate in severity to be considered a serious breach;
if the Member is not in agreement with changes made by VacationHomes to the Terms.
if we are obligated by law, an authority or a court which has shown that the Site can no longer be provided in this form
if VacationHomes terminates the Site or business
if insolvency proceedings are enacted against a Member and his or her assets.

11. Legal Measures and Action Taken if a Member Breaches the Terms or Agreements

11.1 VacationHomes has the right to take legal action if there is cause to do so because of Member misuse of the Site or Services. VacationHomes will consider the reasonable interests of the Member in question, but if we determine that other Members are subject to fraud perpetuated from a Member of the Site, we may:
issue a warning to the offending Member;
restrict or delete the Member Content of the offending Member;
limit the Members use of the Site and Services;
temporarily or permanently block the offending Member from the Site.
11.2 Rental Agreements that are in process, entered into by the offending Member and another Member for a different listing will not be affected by the deletion of Member Content of a listing by the offending Member.
11.3 VacationHomes retains the ability to permanently prevent a Member from using the Site in a number of cases. Prior to the Member being blocked from the Site, VacationHomes will notify the Member, if possible and applicable, of the reason for his or her exclusion from the Site. The notification is an effort by VacationHomes to allow the Member to address the problem and seek legal advice if necessary. The reasons for a Members access to the site being blocked include:
repeated negative reviews have been received and we deem it necessary to block a Member to protect the interests of other Members of the Site;
inaccurate or intentionally misleading contact information has been provided by the Member, such as an fake address or an invalid email;
transfer of a Members account to another party has been discovered;
a Member damages, steals or destroys the property or belongings pertaining to a listing on the Site.
11.4 Members who have had their memberships terminated are no longer allowed to use the site as a Member, nor is he or she allowed to register and create a new membership.

12. VacationHomes Liability

12.1 VacationHomes is not liable for the conduct of the Users or Members of the Site. Specifically, VacationHomes will not be liable for the carrying out of any details of the Rental Agreements which have been entered into by Members. Therefore, VacationHomes is not liable for the services of the agreement, provisions provided for in the agreement or any damages incurred by either party.
12.2 VacationHomes has limited liability in terms of gross negligence and intent if it is deemed that a serious breach of the Terms has gone unnoticed and has caused serious damage to a party using the Site.
12.3 VacationHomes is not liable for any fraudulent actions by a Member of the Site, or for claims of a particular products liability or quality made in Member Content. VacationHome is not liable for any claims made due to product liability or for damages that result because of injury to body, life and health.
12.4 VacationHomes can only be liable for the provision of recovered data if the Member requesting such data can show that he or she made regular back-ups and copies that were then kept safe. VacationHomes will only recover such data if it can be done at a reasonable cost to us. Members requesting recovered data are liable for the burden of proof in such a situation and no other liability for data loss is included.
12.5 Aside from claims of liability in the form of tort, Members claiming compensation, which are limited by these Terms, are subject to the clause concerning the statute of limitations one year from the period of statutory limitation.
12.6 Where VacationHomes liability is limited or excluded, the same limitations and exclusions apply to its employees, staff and workers or agents of the company.

13. Closing Stipulations and Conditions

13.1 The headings of the Terms and Conditions are to be used for convenience purposes only and are not for consideration of the construction of the Terms.
13.2 VacationHomes retains the right to transfer the rights and obligations held by us in these Terms to a third party in part or in whole.
13.3 If any individual stipulation or condition of these Terms becomes wholly invalid or partially so, the remaining Terms are unaffected. In this case, VacationHomes will replace the invalid stipulation or condition with a substitute clause that is to be considered equally legally binding.
13.4 Any declarations regarding the context of the entering into a Rental Agreement must be sent to VacationHomes in writing or by email. Members and VacationHomes agree to communicate by email, though Members must provide valid and current contact information in the form of phone number and address.

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

VacationHomes takes the security and protection of your personal information very seriously. Insofar as we gather, process or use your personal information in order to provide the Services of VacationHomes.net, we do so under the applicable data protection laws of Great Britain & European Union. VacationHomes only uses personal data that you have provided to us. This information is provided by you, the User or Member, during the registration process, during the process of making a bid or offer on a property or when creating a User Name, etc. for the use of the Services of the Site.

VacationHomes uses 'persistent cookies. These remain on your computer in order to simplify the registration service and personal login of each subsequent visit to the Site by the User or Member. Cookies are used to store selections previously made by the User or Member. You are able to remove 'persistent cookies by manually changing your computers settings.

VacationHomes also uses 'session cookies which do not remain on your computer. These cookies are temporary and are deleted once you navigate away from the Site. These cookies are used by VacationHomes to analyze patterns of usage and the Sites structures and are intended to be used by us to improve the Services that we offer through the Site. Improvements to the Site that are made using these cookies include updating content, improving personalization and navigability of the Site.

Data is collected from the Site by a tracking tool. Such data is stored and later used for optimization and marketing purposes. The saved data is used to create a profile of an anonymous user. Users and Members may object to the collection of data and without the User or Member providing consent, we will not implement a tracking tool in the future. If a User or Member objects, the tracking tool will not be used, nor will personal information be collected or send to a third party, a marketing platform. The anonymous data will also not be associated with personal information such as address, name, etc.

Cancellation Policies

VacationHomes aims to please both hosts and guests, which is why we offer a variety of cancellation policies. We implement these cancellation policies in accordance with the wishes of the hosts and for the protection of both parties involved. Most bookings will have a Flexible, Moderate or Strict cancellation policy in place, but in certain circumstances and with an invitation from VacationHomes, there may be a Super Strict cancellation policy. The No Refund policy is for bookings for which none of the booking amount will be returned, regardless of when the cancellation is made prior to the booking date. Information about the relative cancellation policy may be found in the property listings, and guests are able to cancel bookings and review the policies by viewing their reservations.

If either the host or the guest has a complaint, VacationHomes must receive notice within 24 hours of the time of check-in. The service fee due to VacationHomes is non-refundable regardless of the cancellation policy. A booking is considered officially cancelled when the guest receives an email confirming cancellation from VacationHomes.

The five cancellation policies are: Flexible, Moderate, Strict, Super Strict and No Refund.

Cancellation Policy: Flexible

Cancellation Policy: Flexible

You will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 2 days before check-in (by 12 noon, local time). Please note that the Vacationhomes.net service charge is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy: Moderate

Cancellation Policy: ModerateYou will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 5 days before check-in (by 12 noon, local time). Please note that the Vacationhomes.net service charge is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy: Strict

Cancellation Policy: StrictThe Strict cancellation policy has two thresholds; you will be refunded the booking amount if you cancel the booking 30 days before check-in (by 12 noon, local time). Any cancellation made between 30 and 7 days prior to check-in (12 noon, local time) will guarantee a refund of half the booking amount. Please note that the Vacationhomes.net service charge is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy: Super Strict

Cancellation Policy: SUper StrictYou will be refunded half of the booking amount if you cancel the booking at least 30 days before check-in (by 12 noon, local time). Please note that the Vacationhomes.net service charge is non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy: No Refund

Cancellation Policy: No RefundThere will be no amount of the booking fee refunded, regardless of when the guest cancels.

How can I cancel my booking?

All cancellations of bookings must be processed through VacationHomes to ensure a secure and smooth process for both Member parties.
To cancel your booking, send an email to contact@vacationhomes.net, whether or not you have contacted the property owner, property manager or guest.
Once you have received a confirmation email from Vacation Homes, your cancellation is approved.
You do not need to contact the property owner, manager or guest. VacationHomes will process your request for cancellation and inform the other party. No further action is necessary on your part.

Can I cancel my booking after I have checked in?

You can cancel a booking after checking in if there is a serious problem or complaint about the rental property. Contact our Customer Service Department at contact@vacationhomes.net within 24 hours of check-in. We will cancel your booking for you and you will be eligible to receive a refund.
Any complaints about a property that are not made within 24 hours of checking in will not be accepted as eligible for a refund.

What if the property provider cancels?

The booking Member (guest) will be due a full refund of his or her payment, including any and all fees.
VacationHomes will help the booking Member find an alternate accommodation.
The property provider will be fined 15% of the amount of the booking, which will be subtracted from the next booking that he or she makes.

Who determines the cancellation policy of the booking?

The property provider selects the cancellation policy. He or she may select from the three policies offered by VacationHomes: flexible, moderate or strict. The policies are designed to protect both Member parties in the rental transaction.

If I cancel a booking, how are the refunds determined?

The booking Member (guest) will be refunded an amount that is determined by the cancellation policy. Therefore, the amount depends on when the cancellation is made and according to the property providers chosen cancellation policy.
The amount of the refund will include fees associated with cleaning and any additional guest fees, but will not include the service charge due to VacationHomes.

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